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  1. Actually it is possible to get the unstable ordnance without hacks/debug. I did that several years ago. What you need to do is: 1) Play without DosBox. Set game's speed to maximum; 2) After you get out of the sewers go one screen north; 3) Return to the previous screen as fast as you can (sequel policemen won't be able to shoot you because the game is too fast); 3) Now you can safely pick up the unstable ordnance; 4) Go one screen north and one screen east. Save the game; 5) Restore your saved game in DosBox; 6) Go one screen south and get into the ship.
  2. Alas, I doubt I have the old demos on my PC anymore, maybe someone else could help you with it :( I've decided to make a belated update: http-~~-//youtu.be/_G8fNkKXiyY From the video's description:
  3. I can almoust swear there was a walkthrough, but I just can't find it anywhere :unsure: Anyway, feel free to post any questions here ;)
  4. Well, I'm member of IA team, so I'd knew if we were making it :)
  5. There is also a character 'VIII' in statusline's font of floppy version. Also there is an unused inventory item labeled 'SP' (maybe, Sequel Policeman disguise?) as well as walk cycle of SP without a gun.
  6. DrSlash

    TV shows

    Okay, thanks for your advice! ;)
  7. DrSlash

    TV shows

    To be honest, I've only watched one episode of The Next Generation. Now that you've mentioned the Star Trek, I think that I have to give it a go. Which season would you recommend me to start with?
  8. DrSlash

    TV shows

    The only TV show I'm looking forward to is the fourth season of Warehouse 13. I don't usually watch much TV - only SyFy or Discovery Channel.
  9. Sorry for off-topic, but I want to show you a little sneak peak of my project:
  10. That's odd, because I've started the recreation of Spielburg from QfG1 in Minecraft a couple of weeks ago.
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