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  1. These guys aren't even close to their goal, but I like the concept and I know fans of retro 1980s games will like it too. Play as EMILY, a teenager who fell victim to a vicious pandemic. In a desperate attempt to counter the infection, she was injected with an untested vaccine containing Nano-bots. However, a malfunction in the system caused the Nano-bots inside her body to overload, resulting in total absorption of her DNA, morphing her physical body into a mechanical structure. The play puts me half in mind of a hybrid of Metroid and Castlevania, I think you guys will really dig it. The
  2. One problem: Even though Sierra is back, the licenses still belong elsewhere. Larry is owned by ReplayGames, Roger and SQ is owned by Activision.
  3. I am well aware of the movie Blazing Saddles. However, Mel Brooks even said bluntly that he couldn't make the movie in 2014 because of the number of people who would get butthurt by it. I did a little research, actually because I am a devout metalhead and found several things that explain pretty much exactly why. Do you understand the main problem with the idea that something may be offensive so we have to ban it? Books were burned in Germany in the 1930s that were offensive, do I dare to state what they moved on to? By allowing the same people to use the same bully tactic
  4. Lack of asian girls... RACIST! Kidding. This one looks better than the last one.
  5. No. I'm sorry, heck no. Space Quest is a great series, it's a great comedy series when usually sci-fi doesn't delve into comedy. However, it doesn't qualify really as the "greatest sci-fi" of all time. To say that ignores the impact of Star Trek on our culture, Star Wars on our ability to be a freakin' nerd, 2001/2010 on our ability to dream beyond the universe, or for that matter, Twilight Zone for the ability to simply think of imagination. What Space Quest is is comical, amusing, funny, irreverent and a bit foppish, but in no way can you objectively say it's the best sci-fi of all time. I
  6. Association is spelled incorrectly. Other than that, I'd buy the poster but the most I'd go is 25 buckazoids.
  7. No, actually, it's extremely valid and I'll tell you precisely why. I don't know if you live in 'murica, but the last twenty years or so, three of the "big four of BS" started to be used with incredibly reckless abandon. During the 1992 L.A. Riots, people who referred to the rioters as "thugs" were labeled as racist. The fourth one, "homophobe" has been catching a lot of fire in the last six or seven years. Either way, it's reminiscent of the boy who cried wolf. You brought up this topic at a great time. Did you know this week is the 40th anniversary of the movie Blazing Saddles? Mel Broo
  8. I think I played this back when it was in a demo mode. It was pretty good, although I found the "Bush" joke to be cliche. I have to see what this is all about if they actually made any improvements since I played the demo version.
  9. Oh look out. Here comes the PC police with the big four of BS. (that being "racist", "sexist", "bigot" or "homophobe"), basically if any protected group acts in a way another person doesn't like, why that person should be treated like Hester Prynne and completely excommunicated from the human race. Why? Who cares. We are the PC Police and we have the right to bully and mistreat anyone we want. Alright, let's put it this way. Judge Judy and Berta from Two and a Half Turds act in such a way that they act like they have a complete vendetta against all of humanity. Barney from HIMYM may be m
  10. That's exactly what we need. Paul the pervert getting his hands on Space Quest too.
  11. We've tended to reward bad behavior though in too many ways. I hate to pick on Judge Judy but I bet she was the one who drove Socrates to eat that hemlock. If you want another example, take Berta from Two and a Half Men. Basically, because she's heavier than most forklifts she thinks she can just say anything and people will laugh at it. The way I look at it, Roger has enough strikes against him. He's part of a Sierra game so one wrong step and he's toast. Second, the announcer clearly hates his guts. Ignoring the fact that he's voiced by Gary Owens (a man who might be a God in human form
  12. It makes absolutely no sense for a company to turn around and sit on a license for something if they have no plans to make another game.
  13. I don't have a problem with anyone having their own opinions, but there's hopefully a world of difference between a meek, doormat passing as a human female and a psychotic bitch that looks like what happens when you cross-breed the Cryptkeeper with a rabid pit bull (that's Judge Judy, not Bea, although Bea has a lot of her personality quirks). women are supposed to be kind, sensitive, caring. I know loan sharks that are more affable than Bea. Somewhere in between a Disney movie heroine and a Disney movie villain has to be the right balance.
  14. There was an article that had a great commentary about the fact that just because Paul Trowe was a pervert (I guess the word "sicko" just didn't have the same ring), does that mean that only the depraved, sick, twisted people want to play adult-themed games... http://dispatches.cheatcc.com/620 This brings up an interesting point. Even if Paul Trowe is a sicko, why is it that we as a society are okay with games with horrible amounts of violence but throw in some sex and uh oh -- this guy must need CPS called on him. Anyways, this article pretty much puts it to rest. Oh yeah, als
  15. I picked a great time to come back. XD! That's fantastic!
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