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  1. I know I keep harping on it, but I really would like to see the Series revitalized. It means so much to so many people, but the ignorant view of 'people don't play those games anymore' seems stuck in their heads. If it were to be remade, I don't think it should be done up in the latest graphics either. SVGA should be the limit. It's just like the old classics X-Wing and TIE Fighter. Seeing conversions for them into X-Wing Alliance made me just shake my head. It didn't look right and didn't have that same feel about it. It's limit should be X-Wing VS TIE Fighter engine and that's it. After all, as Scotty would say 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Which brings about three other games too. 25th Anniversary, Judgment Rites, and A Final Unity. These don't need re-doing, just re-visiting, to maybe fix a few bugs here and there and to bump up the graphics a bit. But I digress...sorry. To Frede again, I understand about the Beatrice thing. Back to the game though, there are a few places where some comical references would've been nice. But there just little things that i though of while playing the game. Y'know? I looked at it and thought 'Wouldn't it be good if this dialog came up? An example is the frozen mushrooms. I fyou clicked the mouth/tase icon on it, it could say 'Turn about is fair play, unfortunately they're all frozen solid. Maybe it's just as well too. Knowing your luck, they'd most likely be poison'. This could be a reference to the mushrooms from SQ2. But that's just me. Thanks for everyone to take the time to read what I have to say as well.
  2. Here's an instance: Disney and LucasFilm. As soon as they acquired it they laid off all the staff. So they essentially said 'f*** off, we own it now so we're doing it our way.' Also, to Frede, I really enjoyed Vohaul Strikes Back and thought it was well written, with two exceptions. First, the vocal pack, and second, and this probably won't come as a surprise, Beatrice. Her whole attitude towards Roger is condescending and she treats him as though he is a hindrance, not a lover or a friend, which is how she was in SQV. I mean, she may not have started out like that in SQV, but she wasn't that bad. I heard Incinerations got some flak for Beatrice as well. But don't worry. I'd still rate your game high, say, 8/10.
  3. I suspect everyone's tired of somebody new coming on here and wondering the same thing, but does anybody know if there are any plans for the original Space Quest Series? i read about how Vivendi is it? has shut down multple attempts to remake some of these titles, but at the same time they don't seem to be in a hurry to bring their own ideas to the table. After having been disappointed in the fact that the SQ2VGA was going to stay as buggy as it is and wouldn't get an update, i was hoping to find some solace here. I actually found a site where an artist is looking for others of their kind for a Space Quest I remake into SVGA. I've read that doing these remakes is costly, in time, money, and resources. I'd be satisfied for the moment anyway with vocal packs for SQIVGA and SQV. It would be nice if Gary Owens were to do it, but I guess that would cost money. There's also the fact i guess that Vivendi would be keeping an eye on him and The Two Guys, so they can step in and say no you're not doing that. That attitude is really annoying and ignorant too, as they don't realize how many people actually play the Space Quest games. I think they owe it to us to do the Vocal Packs for these two games, because it was there fault they short-changed SQV and didn't put voclas in it, and it was there fault that they couldn't be bothered to do it for the SQI VGA remake. Vivendi's rolling in it and as far as i know gary Owens is still alive and kickin', so what's the problem? I'd like to see SQIIi done up in VGA as well. Wouldn't we all? It seems it's the elephant in the room, as every other title in the original SQ series has become. With Vohaul Strikes Back and Incinerations released, It makes me wonder if VGA is going to be skpped over for an all-SVGA remake of the series. Al Lowe's on board doing the same thing with the Leisure Suit Larry titles, theres been excellent remakes of Kings Quest I-III, and I think a few others picking up the fourth game for a VGA/SVGA remake. I'd like to see a game in between SQV and SQ6. Something like The Return Of The Sariens or something similar. The story could go that Wilco goes to a Spacebar with the Goliath and has his ass chewed out by an Admiral there, and Wilco is ordered back to StarCon for his treatment that he gets in the intro for SQ6, when an emergency message comes in that the Sariens are invading and used the present confusion in StarCon to attack. And because StarCon's forces are spread thin, they have no choice but to give the Goliath and her crew back to Wilco, at least temporarily anyway. And he'd have the wcrew from SQV back again. Flow, Droole, WD-40, and of course, Cliffy. This setup worked well, but at the end of SQV, it just seemed like Beatrice was in the way somewhat. So maybe she could go undercover or get kidnapped. Lastly, I'd like to see the original titles expanded. SQIII and SQV have potential for expansion as they involve going from one planet to another with a spaceship, so that opens up the possibility of more worlds to explore, etc. SQIV is probably the game that has the most potential for expansion, as the whole game is jumping from one game to another. I'd like to see maybe SQV or SQ6 in there, or maybe even some of the fanmade games. And even though they were spoofs, I'd still like to see an SQXI and SQXIII made. Well, enough ranting. Haven't exactly stayed to the point. But what dos everyone else think? As a side note, I just finished Vohaul Strikes Back, and though it was fairly good. It'd be better with a vocla pack though, which I've read is on it's way. It's unfortunate that money is always an issue, as i could really imagine Gary Owens doing the lines in that game. Somehow, if it's anyone else. it just doesn't sound right.
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