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  1. The SQ Prequel "Decisions of the Elders" has been released yesterday! It's a full length retro-stylish (EGA graphics...) game. Challenging puzzles, fun, SQ-insider jokes... See the extra thread on this game posted today in the forum. You'll like it!
  2. DOTE.zip And this is the uploaded game (DOTE.zip). Enjoy! Yours Boston
  3. Dear all, I am pleased to inform you that the unofficial SQ prequel "Decisions of the Elders" has been released yesterday. Playing Roger's parents it's up to you to save the legend. Decisions of the Elders is a full length (about 30 rooms) retro game (320x200 EGA graphics, AGI fonts) with challenging puzzles. But don't worry! Even though this game is a tribute to the beloved Sierra adventure games there are no dead ends. And there is a walkthrough available! If you loved the old Sierra adventures there's a really good chance for you to like this game! You have heard of this game befor
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