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  1. There also needs to be a flashlight app with pro in the name and a giant long list of permissions. I can't come up with it all right now, but here's an idea for it: The Ultimate Flash Pro Lite (Demo) 50%OFF!! The official app to use your Camera's flash to light your way in the dark! Super bright - better than a real flashlight! FEATURES: * Turns your phone into a flashlight for over half a minute without overheating! * Light up anything within range of your flash * Keep your hands warm while holding it * Large, easy to use on-off button * Display keeps track of the flashlight'
  2. Well, as we all know, there needs to be a fart app. So let's call it.... Flat-u-lance An Odyne like farming game with bowel-turning action where you face off against feculant enemies blowing at you from every direction. Navigate through your field as monsters like Tough Chit, Wet Spade, Odipus, Silent Storm, Blovine the Bardbarian, Dumpster and Wind Breaker reek paths of destruction through your crops. With your trusty round rubber-headed lance, fight to keep your crops fresh. Each monster features their own individual noises and the ununiqe soundtrack feature will provide hours of enjoym
  3. Not sure if he's part of that guild but there's also Jon Bailey from Honest Trailers who might work well.
  4. The Back Blaster Burrito Out with the old and... out with the new.
  5. The "Desert Menu" (yes, that's spelled correctly) Extra Crusty Pie Crust $£€¥ + bean filling $£€¥ + extra bean filling $£€¥ + air freshener $£€¥ Churios (donut churros!) $£€¥
  6. I believe it's called: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Here, let me fix that for you: ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ)
  7. Cleaning the radiator Dissolving food stains Disposing of bodies Unclogging drains
  8. Just check your backer profile ;-) Access it from the button at the top right corner. You can even check off the ones you've gotten now, so it's easier to keep track of things.
  9. I was going to edit my post above, but since I've had a chance to play some of them I'm adding a review. Here is the complete list of games I've gotten so far in order: Duck Quest? Not sure how much this one applies. It's free: http://wafflefriday.com/files/duckquest.html but is does have lots of quirks and is really short, but somewhat nostalgic at the same time. It's 8-bit after all. Full Bore (1st release) This is a fun open world sudo-platform game where you run around (no jumping) digging through dirt, exploring the underground, and collecting jewels. The mechanics work really wel
  10. Haha whoops! I've changed it to XVII to honour the "You're starting to act like you did in episode 17, you scene-stealing hack." line in Galaxy Quest.
  11. The dialogue which pulled forth from my lips the greatest number of chuckles, guffaws... all the way up to guttural flatulence was the death sequence in SQXVII when entering the shuttle by the front door. after the sewer sequence. From the CD version:
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5WcC6Jb7gA
  13. Haha, the "living organism club" cracks me up every time.
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