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  1. "Innard implosion"... I can just picture the logo: A poor sap clutching his belly, from which a wire is sticking out, leading to a TNT detonator. Whatever animal the meat is from is smiling and giving a thumbs up as it's pressing the detonator down. As for "The Stomach Bender", maybe a stomach twisted into a Möbius strip...
  2. Hmmm Maybe some B5 references... The Vorlon special (or Vorlon con quieso) : Served in an encounter plate because, trust us, no one wants to see what's inside! Babylon 5 brand antacids : Your last, best hope for gastrointestinal peace (but don't get your hopes up!) Zathras bites : (If you don't, he will!) (or something with "not the one!") Whitestar washer (beverage) : You don't exactly know what it's made of, but whatever it is in fact made of, it looks like a plucked chicken. Shadow enchilladas : Leftovers, from one thousand years ago.
  3. I know, not very "mexican-ish", but how about : Teriyaki Tribbles ? Edit : It just dawned on me... Tribble Tortillas ! Makes more sense!
  4. @ Troels Pleimert : Sorry buddy! I just had a wave of ideas when I saw this on Facebook and came charging with them without giving much though to the posts that were there before! Kinda surprised I didn't repeat more previously used names! :P Just thought up a slogan : "The spice must flow... so do your bowels!"
  5. Quasar Quesadillas Huevos Radioactivos Black Hole Belcher (beverage/soft drink) The Pluto Platter (no one seems to agree on if it's a real platter or a dwarf platter) The Hawking Meal (in theory it has everything) I'll likely have a flash of genius 5 minutes after I click "post", so I guess I'll post again with better ideas later.
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