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  1. Really cool contributions. I don't know if it's too late to participate here but I'm going to leave an entry anyway,heh. Get a C[app].beta (no icon from me,too lazy) *This software is in active development:* Get a cap whenever you need one! Just push the Get a C[app].beta button and get access to all the cap companies in your area! Upcoming features: Instacon: Connects you directly to a vacant cap! Capm[app]: Displays all the caps within a certain range on a map! And much, much more! Reviews 5/5 stars This is exactly what I was looking for! Such a cool app, I'm having so much fun with it! Keep on the good work,guys! - user1872 4/5 stars I have absolutely no idea where all the hate is coming from. It almost seems as if these "haters" can't understand what "active development" means. Yeah, there are bugs and missing features but they are working on it! Just have patience! -fanboyno1 2/5 stars Nice concept with great pontential, but badly implemented mechanics. The developers are obviously overchallenged with some line of code.Wait for the final product!- TheArranger 0/5 stars Get a C[app]????? It's Get a Cr[app] more likely! The developers are lying! It's dead! -Hellraiser666
  2. Huh. I kinda feel bad for reviving this old thread like a necromancer but the title seems to me like a "Don't push this button!" sign. I just can't resist. Well,yeah. Hi folks. I just wanted to say hello to the other members of this anonymous adventure game addicts group. It must have been ages since I was playing my first one with my uncle and since then the three headed monkey is riding my back ,so when ever I discover a new pnc adventure I have to get it. So this one here! Hopefully Space Venture turns out to be just as great as the other sq series! Regards
  3. Hey! First: I'm the new guy, so have mercy! :) Second: I was actually just lurking for the last two years, so have mercy! :P Third: After almost forgetting about this project (mercy!!) I recently was stumbling over the last Kickstarter update and I have to say even when my brain was/is somewhat concerned about the so called eta my eyes are fallen in love with what they could see ! Waldi in Nurb's?! For real??
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