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  1. Really cool contributions. I don't know if it's too late to participate here but I'm going to leave an entry anyway,heh. Get a C[app].beta (no icon from me,too lazy) *This software is in active development:* Get a cap whenever you need one! Just push the Get a C[app].beta button and get access to all the cap companies in your area! Upcoming features: Instacon: Connects you directly to a vacant cap! Capm[app]: Displays all the caps within a certain range on a map! And much, much more! Reviews 5/5 stars This is exactly what I was looking for! Such a co
  2. Huh. I kinda feel bad for reviving this old thread like a necromancer but the title seems to me like a "Don't push this button!" sign. I just can't resist. Well,yeah. Hi folks. I just wanted to say hello to the other members of this anonymous adventure game addicts group. It must have been ages since I was playing my first one with my uncle and since then the three headed monkey is riding my back ,so when ever I discover a new pnc adventure I have to get it. So this one here! Hopefully Space Venture turns out to be just as great as the other sq series! Regards
  3. Hey! First: I'm the new guy, so have mercy! :) Second: I was actually just lurking for the last two years, so have mercy! :P Third: After almost forgetting about this project (mercy!!) I recently was stumbling over the last Kickstarter update and I have to say even when my brain was/is somewhat concerned about the so called eta my eyes are fallen in love with what they could see ! Waldi in Nurb's?! For real??
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