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  1. I am very glad this is a consideration. A knock on some adventure games (though not really a serious complaint of mine) is how slow you're forced to move around. I loved how you could run in Sierra's QFG games. I also like how Laura Bow runs at the end of Dagger of Amon Ra (makes the action and drama more believable), and I wish you had been given the option to do this whenever you want... but I suppose then her running at the end wouldn't have had the same specialness and therefore wouldn't have resulted in the same heightened suspense.
  2. Here is a variation of a phrase I've seen on size XXL shirts, so it's not necessarily original, but it's cute: "Our food is worth the weight." The saying I've seen on XXL shirts is: "Fast food is worth the weight." Also, I could maybe come up with satires of famous American fast food slogans (eg, "finger lickin' good" "yo quiero Taco Bell" "I'm lovin' it"), but people outside of the U.S. wouldn't get them, right? So that's kind of tricky.
  3. Musically, you are right that you mentioned that. I don't always carefully read everything before commenting, even though I should. Sometimes I just hurriedly post without reading all the other responses. Also, I now see "admin" icons next to some people's names. I didn't see those yesterday. Just to let you guys know, Corey Cole wrote the following on Kickstarter today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/transolargames/hero-u-rogue-to-redemption/comments "SpaceVenture is way behind schedule (more than us), and way over budget (I don't know how much, but I can do the arithmetic),
  4. No problem! I sometimes write in a harsh-sounding way, and I hope no one takes it personally. I like the FAQ post, but I think a few things should be made clearer. I understand that it points out that most information is taken from a previous Kickstarter update. I also see that it was posted by pcj. Is pcj on the development team? Perhaps his title or affiliation should be included somewhere in the post. Here has been my confusion: I found this forum through a link on the "Two Guys" site. At first, I thought this was the official project discussion page. Then later I thought it was mo
  5. I'm sorry for being argumentative. Beyond the issues mentioned regarding communication to backers, I'm really not that concerned about (and am actually sorta impressed) about what has been shown of this project. That's really the truth. I'm on you guys' "side" (if there are even sides), just so you know. When I complain about not hearing from Mark/Scott, etc., it's not because I personally need to hear from them. I'm just thinking about how it would appear to other people. Don't understate the laziness of people and their inability to read all updates, etc. You just have to be patient with peo
  6. Something else that occurred to me: Jane Jensen, Al Lowe, Josh Mandel and Corey Cole all have addressed backers on Kickstarter, on a sort of regular basis, after funding goals were reached. And those are just the Sierra veterans. Non-Sierra veteran Kickstarters are the same. The people who made the pitches and whose names were used to sell the campaigns don't just go silent after the fundraising campaign ends. So I hope someone here will concede that I do have a good point in saying that it is strange for the actual Two Guys to not be heard from in updates. :-) But I'm not gonna hold my brea
  7. Anyway, about people being concerned or "paranoid" about the game's funding situation, I think it has to do with how late the game is. Also, there were times when we didn't hear much regarding progress updates. I did read the latest update and remember thinking it was good. To say that people shouldn't have backed in the first place if they are still concerned now seems kind of harsh. It doesn't matter if the updates say they aren't out of money. A lot of people will still be skeptical. It's not like they would have no reason to be concerned. I personally am not still concerned about the fund
  8. Well, hmm. I actually only came here because I was concerned we might see another Kickstarter or "surprise" from the Two Guys, based on things I read. I have this site bookmarked on my phone, so I came over here to find out. And I was happy to learn that that won't happen. That was kind of really my only point in thinking to visit here. Didn't mean to upset the group here. As for expecting people to do their research before asking questions, okay! Sorry, I guess I'm lazy. Oh, well. And not everyone is going to read every update or bother to Google something before asking questions. If you
  9. Who are these handful of people making unfounded insinuations about what money is left? I see concern about this project in several forums, and I don't think the people wondering are trying to spread misinformation. I believe that people are legitimately concerned. To suggest that Scott and Mark "not give a toss" about the fact that many backers are wondering if the game is dead or in serious trouble reflects an unfortunate tendency to attack skeptical people rather than try to do a better job of reassuring backers. For the record, I am now convinced the development is okay financially.
  10. I just now read your response. I had only see the pcjr one. What do I keep going back to? I'm sorry that I don't read this forum very often. Yes, Chris probably has mentioned it, but maybe I wanted confirmation. I'm sorry I don't live and breathe the goings on here. I kind of have other things going on, and I only think to check up on this once in a blue moon. And what role do you play again? I'm sorry that you have to answer the same question over and over. Actually, that's just too damn bad. Now I'm sorry I even wrote a complimentary message saying that I appreciate the hard work. Lol.
  11. As for the money set aside for voiceovers, there are so many very competent, professional actors who aren't celebrities and whose asking fees won't break the bank. I work in Hollywood and know that there are many, many people needing work. And, really, there's great talent all over. I just think that finding "names" for the cast should be the least of your concerns. It's all about the writing and the humor.
  12. I just want to say that I really respect the team for hanging in there, plowing away and staying determined to get this done. All of the art, animation and music I've seen and heard has been excellent and has been better than I expected. I don't know what the writing or gameplay will be like exactly, but I don't have any special reason to worry about it. I just hope they don't go soft/safe with the comedy, but instead hark back to the style of humor in SQ4. My main criticism is with the frequency and substance of the updates and not really hearing from the main designers, that I know of, for
  13. I agree with the comments saying some updates have been wanting. The updates have sometimes been too blasé and fluffy. Also, it's not good idea to call the critical backers "morons" or to say you'd like to swear at them. Pessimism about the project is more than understandable. But the latest update was encouraging! So maybe it's only going to get better from here!
  14. Very sorry about Gary Owens. Please don't try and get some celebrity to replace him just because you think you have to. Find the right voice, whether it's from a well-known person or not. Please don't overdo the "sarcastic" delivery. A big, sarcastic personality could wear thin quickly and kill the whole experience.
  15. Things are looking impressive. Can a representative from SpaceVenture say categorically that you aren't out of money? It would be terrible if you guys did what the Coles did and claim that the game is coming in the fall and then shortly thereafter announce that you're broke and beg for more donations. It would hurt your credibility terribly. As long as the thing gets done and you keep us updated (and are honest with backers), it should all end well.
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