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  1. I am very glad this is a consideration. A knock on some adventure games (though not really a serious complaint of mine) is how slow you're forced to move around. I loved how you could run in Sierra's QFG games. I also like how Laura Bow runs at the end of Dagger of Amon Ra (makes the action and drama more believable), and I wish you had been given the option to do this whenever you want... but I suppose then her running at the end wouldn't have had the same specialness and therefore wouldn't have resulted in the same heightened suspense.
  2. Here is a variation of a phrase I've seen on size XXL shirts, so it's not necessarily original, but it's cute: "Our food is worth the weight." The saying I've seen on XXL shirts is: "Fast food is worth the weight." Also, I could maybe come up with satires of famous American fast food slogans (eg, "finger lickin' good" "yo quiero Taco Bell" "I'm lovin' it"), but people outside of the U.S. wouldn't get them, right? So that's kind of tricky.
  3. Musically, you are right that you mentioned that. I don't always carefully read everything before commenting, even though I should. Sometimes I just hurriedly post without reading all the other responses. Also, I now see "admin" icons next to some people's names. I didn't see those yesterday. Just to let you guys know, Corey Cole wrote the following on Kickstarter today: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/transolargames/hero-u-rogue-to-redemption/comments "SpaceVenture is way behind schedule (more than us), and way over budget (I don't know how much, but I can do the arithmetic), but they are still working hard on it." Maybe someone should send him a link to the new FAQ post here. Previously he had posted similar comments about other Kickstarters as he sought to defend himself against criticism from backers. In fact, it was such comments from Cole, as well as responses to those comments, which prompted me to come over here and ask for the clarification. I wasn't even part of those online conversations... I just read through them after the fact. So, if you're wondering who or what could be fueling such rumors, there's one possibility. Not saying he's doing it maliciously, but he certainly has a bigger platform than most backers, and he has been saying this stuff for a while. Earlier he also mentioned how he had talked with other leaders of "big" Kickstarter campaigns and he said he thought going back to Kickstarter for more money would be a good way to solve money problems, something I think is a terrible idea. Such comments caused me to put one and one together and come directly here the other day. It's possible that I'm interpreting all this wrong, but I just wanted you to know the perception of this backer (me) in case others are led to think similar things.
  4. No problem! I sometimes write in a harsh-sounding way, and I hope no one takes it personally. I like the FAQ post, but I think a few things should be made clearer. I understand that it points out that most information is taken from a previous Kickstarter update. I also see that it was posted by pcj. Is pcj on the development team? Perhaps his title or affiliation should be included somewhere in the post. Here has been my confusion: I found this forum through a link on the "Two Guys" site. At first, I thought this was the official project discussion page. Then later I thought it was mostly just Space Quest fans posting, then I realized that some people were actually working on the game. I literally know no one here personally, so when people starting throwing out first names sometimes I don't know whom they mean. (I think, "Gareth, wait, what, who?") I have done literally all of my posting from my tiny 4-inch iPhone, which doesn't always lend itself to opening up multiple windows or researching this person or that person. Anyway, all I'm saying is that maybe certain people's affiliations or involvements could be made clearer. People could link to that FAQ sticky whenever they see someone (on here or using Kickstarter or some other forum or social media site) unclear about the status of the project. And I like how it links directly to a Kickstarter post... maybe, in part, as a way to say, "hint, hint, this is where you can find more updates with even more info about the latest developments." I would just maybe consider making sure that people know that the FAQ post is an official statement of some sort and not just some random person's summary of an official update available elsewhere. I usually look at this forum using the defaul "mobile" view, which doesn't list titles under the screen names. I just switched to "full" view and saw that pcj has "site admin" under his name. See, I didn't know this. Maybe this info (or his official title in this project) could be included in the text of the post. Some people I got to pledge for this Kickstarter are just people I've known for a while who used to love SQ games and were interested to play another like them... but I'm fairly certain they had not been involved with the fan community for the series ever or even knew one existed. In conclusion, just remember that not everyone is as tuned in as the regulars here. Update: I just saw that "programmer" was listed by pcj's name! It doesn't show this in the mobile version!! I don't know who I'm talking to on here half the time. Whoops! Anyway, I definitely think this info should be in the actual post's text, so that people on phones and other mobile devices wouldn't be confused like I was. Basically, I've always come on here and just yelled out my question or point and figured that there would be some SQ or SpaceVenture expert here who would know the answer or had connections to someone on the team and could find out.
  5. I'm sorry for being argumentative. Beyond the issues mentioned regarding communication to backers, I'm really not that concerned about (and am actually sorta impressed) about what has been shown of this project. That's really the truth. I'm on you guys' "side" (if there are even sides), just so you know. When I complain about not hearing from Mark/Scott, etc., it's not because I personally need to hear from them. I'm just thinking about how it would appear to other people. Don't understate the laziness of people and their inability to read all updates, etc. You just have to be patient with people who aren't as "in the know" as people here. Imagine returning to the Kickstarter page after years and not feeling like reading everything... it's easy to imagine someone in this situation saying, "where the hell is the damn game and what have you done with all the money?!" It helps to be nice, even if what they're mad about doesn't make any sense to you. It reminds me of a situation like this: you walk up to a store clerk at a counter late at night and ask what time they're closing, then the clerk says, "if you had been listening you would have heard the last 20 announcements that we are closing in 10 minutes, and our hours are clearly marked on the door if you had bothered to look. Sheesh." That annoys people, even if the clerk is technically correct. I just say it's good in some situations to bite your tongue and answer straightforwardly like pcj did. I'm sure there are going to be irate people (for whatever reason) in the Kickstarter comments from here on out, especially when it comes time to mail out rewards.
  6. Something else that occurred to me: Jane Jensen, Al Lowe, Josh Mandel and Corey Cole all have addressed backers on Kickstarter, on a sort of regular basis, after funding goals were reached. And those are just the Sierra veterans. Non-Sierra veteran Kickstarters are the same. The people who made the pitches and whose names were used to sell the campaigns don't just go silent after the fundraising campaign ends. So I hope someone here will concede that I do have a good point in saying that it is strange for the actual Two Guys to not be heard from in updates. :-) But I'm not gonna hold my breath waiting for anyone here to agree with me. I also think hearing from them on there would strengthen the bond between them and fans. What I would like to see (in an update) is a picture of the Two Guys working on the game. Or maybe a picture from a group meeting, if and when the team meets in person. Not something from a convention. I would like to see something like this because I think it would improve backer perceptions even more. Armikrog and Tex Murphy Kickstarters did this sort of thing.
  7. Anyway, about people being concerned or "paranoid" about the game's funding situation, I think it has to do with how late the game is. Also, there were times when we didn't hear much regarding progress updates. I did read the latest update and remember thinking it was good. To say that people shouldn't have backed in the first place if they are still concerned now seems kind of harsh. It doesn't matter if the updates say they aren't out of money. A lot of people will still be skeptical. It's not like they would have no reason to be concerned. I personally am not still concerned about the funding, but I have wondered why we haven't really seen or heard from the "Two Guys" at all. They are why people backed. It has just seemed weird to me. Like they are being hidden. I would have thought they would have wanted to communicate with people through updates, at least occasionally, to tell people how swimmingly things are going. Am I the only one who has felt this way? All these scenarios went through my head when I tried to imagine why we weren't hearing from them. I'm afraid to say the things I thought for fear it will piss off people, so please understand these are just crazy ideas that went though my head and they have no basis in fact. I wondered if they were feuding, if someone wasn't well, if a principal was not involved in the development anymore and they didn't want it to be known, if there were differences of opinion as to the direction to take, etc. Maybe it's just me who ponders this stuff. It just doesn't seem like it would be too burdensome or distracting for them to say *something* on there now and then. I don't think those imagined scenarios are likely now, after having read more, though, but my mind will sometimes jump and imagine the worst in order to explain things that seem odd. So, yeah. That's pretty much it. If any of you happen to run into one of the two guys in the near future, you should perhaps suggest that maybe it might be nice for backers to hear from them.
  8. Well, hmm. I actually only came here because I was concerned we might see another Kickstarter or "surprise" from the Two Guys, based on things I read. I have this site bookmarked on my phone, so I came over here to find out. And I was happy to learn that that won't happen. That was kind of really my only point in thinking to visit here. Didn't mean to upset the group here. As for expecting people to do their research before asking questions, okay! Sorry, I guess I'm lazy. Oh, well. And not everyone is going to read every update or bother to Google something before asking questions. If you think it's acceptable giving people attitude when they ask questions you hear all the time or that you think they should be able to find the answer to on their own, okay! I believe that will needlessly annoy people. If you guys are going to be team members or whatever the heck this group is (fan club? development team members? I don't quite get it), you are going to have to get used to answering the same questions over and over. This site doesn't seem to be drowning in new posts, anyway, and maybe you should be happy that people think to post here at all, even if you think the questions are dumb.
  9. Who are these handful of people making unfounded insinuations about what money is left? I see concern about this project in several forums, and I don't think the people wondering are trying to spread misinformation. I believe that people are legitimately concerned. To suggest that Scott and Mark "not give a toss" about the fact that many backers are wondering if the game is dead or in serious trouble reflects an unfortunate tendency to attack skeptical people rather than try to do a better job of reassuring backers. For the record, I am now convinced the development is okay financially. I believe some of you people forget that not everyone follows this particular project as closely as you do. You are going to have to say the same things over, and over, and over, so get used to it. The pissy attitude isn't going to help your cause. You sound like those people who scream at new forum users, "that question has already been answered a million times in the FAQs! Can't you read?" And I apologize for getting pcj's name wrong. That was not intentional. Anyway, you guys want to defend the fact that Scott and Mark never make a peep on the Kickstarter page. I think it's a mistake. Would writing a few paragraphs to backers every other month really be impossible? I think not. Most other Kickstarters have their main designers posting updates now and then. In all honesty, I had never heard of Pope before this. I suspect most hadn't. We backed because of Scott and Mark. The game was sold on their reputations.
  10. I just now read your response. I had only see the pcjr one. What do I keep going back to? I'm sorry that I don't read this forum very often. Yes, Chris probably has mentioned it, but maybe I wanted confirmation. I'm sorry I don't live and breathe the goings on here. I kind of have other things going on, and I only think to check up on this once in a blue moon. And what role do you play again? I'm sorry that you have to answer the same question over and over. Actually, that's just too damn bad. Now I'm sorry I even wrote a complimentary message saying that I appreciate the hard work. Lol. Maybe you are on edge or feeling pissy, but excuse me for caring enough to check in here. And another thing: maybe it just doesn't carry as much weight if it's coming from Chris, no offense to him, and should instead come from one of the leads. Maybe that's why people are still wondering about this. Yeah, maybe I do gloss over the blah, fluffy updates. But I know I would sure sit up and pay attention to something from Scott or Mark directly. Have a nice day.
  11. As for the money set aside for voiceovers, there are so many very competent, professional actors who aren't celebrities and whose asking fees won't break the bank. I work in Hollywood and know that there are many, many people needing work. And, really, there's great talent all over. I just think that finding "names" for the cast should be the least of your concerns. It's all about the writing and the humor.
  12. I just want to say that I really respect the team for hanging in there, plowing away and staying determined to get this done. All of the art, animation and music I've seen and heard has been excellent and has been better than I expected. I don't know what the writing or gameplay will be like exactly, but I don't have any special reason to worry about it. I just hope they don't go soft/safe with the comedy, but instead hark back to the style of humor in SQ4. My main criticism is with the frequency and substance of the updates and not really hearing from the main designers, that I know of, for long periods. I think I read somewhere on here that Scott Murphy is on Twitter all the time, so maybe I have missed a lot, since I am not a Twitter person. But I think it is odd that we are not hearing from them more. I think some jittery people would feel more reassured hearing from them. It's like when our country is attacked. We want to hear from the guy in charge, the president, immediately and live from the Oval Office, speaking calmly, confidently and showing that he is in control, as he explains the measures he is taking for defense or counterattack. Basically, I think it would be great to see and hear from the captains of SpaceVenture on a more regular basis. I can sympathize with Chris Pope, since it seems like he has a difficult job being the guy having to maintain a smile, standing outside closed gates, trying to placate an anxious crowd wanting to see the work going on behind the gates. And it probably doesn't help that he wasn't as well known to people as the Two Guys. So bravo to you all for working hard to deliver what was promised. To be able to say, "we said we'd build this if you funded our Kickstarter, and we did it," will be huge. So what if it's a little late. If you guys pull this off, it will be a win for the ages.
  13. I agree with the comments saying some updates have been wanting. The updates have sometimes been too blasé and fluffy. Also, it's not good idea to call the critical backers "morons" or to say you'd like to swear at them. Pessimism about the project is more than understandable. But the latest update was encouraging! So maybe it's only going to get better from here!
  14. Very sorry about Gary Owens. Please don't try and get some celebrity to replace him just because you think you have to. Find the right voice, whether it's from a well-known person or not. Please don't overdo the "sarcastic" delivery. A big, sarcastic personality could wear thin quickly and kill the whole experience.
  15. Things are looking impressive. Can a representative from SpaceVenture say categorically that you aren't out of money? It would be terrible if you guys did what the Coles did and claim that the game is coming in the fall and then shortly thereafter announce that you're broke and beg for more donations. It would hurt your credibility terribly. As long as the thing gets done and you keep us updated (and are honest with backers), it should all end well.
  16. To Two Guys and Pope: Almost time for a new update? Please provide more information about the interface, if possible. How has it changed since the demo? Also, could we see more footage of gameplay? Please make this a "meaty" update. :-)
  17. I see what you're saying, Dat. I'm doing all these comments from my iPhone, and it's hard to sometimes be as precise and thorough as I would like. When I speak of feminists, I am talking about what the word "feminist" has come to mean: grievance-mongering and, all too often, misandry. A lot of what I see as problematic is in what's called "third-wave" feminism. I don't see today's feminism as truly being about equality. How about issues of female genital mutilation? Family "honor" killings? Sex-selective abortions? (actually as evil as abortion for almost any reason, for that matter) Child brides? There are serious issues related to women's and girls' rights worldwide. Certainly women often face unique and horrible discrimination and often barbaric treatment. Anyone who cares about equal rights and the well being of our fellow humans, regardless of sex, cares about these issues. These are real issues. But this baloney about the supposed horrible scourge of sexist video games? Give me a break. And the Anita videos? You can't talk about those Anita S (sorry, don't know her last name) videos without talking about the all-out push by so many gaming news sites to promote her and the message. IMO it's not the Anita videos, in and of themselves, that people object to; it's the nonstop forcing down our throats of all this PC nonsense and the pimping of her videos by all these gaming sites. And it's the smearing of anyone who disagrees that people also are sick of. My brother was a semi-pro skateboarder, and I saw the "skateboarding is not a crime" line a lot. That's what I was referencing when I said being male is not a crime. Like skateboarding was, natural guy-ish behavior (though of course not everyone is the same) is being portrayed as something bad or as something that needs correcting. Well, like skaters said, "to hell with it, we are who we are and stop treating us like criminals," I say more men (and those who support them) should push back and reject the political correctness/sensitivity cult. People like Anita are professional grievance mongers. Maybe her tone isn't as strident as others', but she is part of the same feminist movement that thinks that, just because they are offended by or don't like a piece of entertainment, then you shouldn't be able to enjoy it either. They want to get rid of things that make them uncomfortable. I don't buy the, "oh, it's just a discussion to lead to richer characterization or more interesting plots." The hell it is. It is a dangerous, speech-squelching ideology treating groups differently based on the politically correct hierarchy. All this reminds me of something I saw posted by a woman on Twitter in the "thank a feminist" thread: [Thank a feminist if...] ... you can play video games in which 1000 men die and 1 chick has big tits and get called a misogynist #ThankAFeminist
  18. Blackthorne, the behavior of many influential, so-called professional gaming "journalists" has been, in response to those who question the "games are sexist!" message, outrageous, vicious and sometimes libelous. That's where I think more focus should be put, not on some anonymous YouTube commenters. Shouldn't professional journalists be held to a higher standard? There have been plenty of people who have criticized her methods and conclusions. Honestly, I don't think she deserves much attention. This is someone who is complaining about the "sexism" in Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. In a sane world, you would politely say to someone like that, "ok, thanks," and then move on. The implication is that games perpetuate sexism and other bad things and need to change. But there is zero evidence that games do any of that. Feminists want to pathologize being male. So what if some games show jiggly tits and have lots of violent battles? If you don't like it, don't play it. Many guys like boobs and scantily clad women with porn star-like bodies. Deal with it. Sadly, these feminists don't just want more games that appeal to demographics other than "core" gamers (and there are plenty of games like that); they want to do away with male-centric titles and remove content that THEY don't like. And they will use various institutions to coerce and smear and intimidate to ensure that they are not opposed. As for that Anita person? Eh. It's just one part of the larger picture. Luckily, these feminists DO NOT speak for most women, just as the "LGBQQTIDJDJXNblahblah" PC activists do not speak for all gay people. It's not a crime to be male and to like things that guys like.
  19. From what I've seen of the remake, I definitely prefer the original. The makeover's character portraits, voices and animation aren't great. Unfortunately, the makeover does have a relatively cheap feel to it. This is surprising to me, since I thought Activision was involved in making this one. But maybe for people who can't play the original for whatever reason, this will be a good option. I wonder how many people will be willing to pay for an inferior version of a game they've already played or could get for less money, though. If the continuation of the series depends on the success of this remake, then I don't feel too optimistic. But who knows.
  20. Well, the comic makes an excellent point. And the fact that it is true is sad, frankly. If that's the "stupidest thing" that someone's ever seen, then they obviously haven't read the work of Leigh "gamers are dead and anyone who opposes me is a misogynist" Alexander. Reminds me of something a well-known female gamer posted on Twitter: "How massively egotistical do you need to be in order to believe your gender is the only reason you're getting criticism?" Indeed, we see the "sexism" charge leveled at people who choose not to worship in the political correctness cult. But I think the smears are more a discrediting tactic rather than primarily the result of massive egos. That's not to say, though, that big egos don't come into play. Here's influential feminist and "journalist"/self-described powerful megaphone Leigh Alexander threatening a young developer she deems to have strayed from politically correct dogma: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/832/340/fd0.png
  21. I just came back here and noticed that I'm listed as having started this thread. I didn't create this thread. I guess that's because it was broken off from another thread? Anyway, there has been a lot of talk recently about corruption in gaming journalism and how people pointing out the corruption are being accused by politically correct gender police of hating women or something. The "sexist!" smear is getting thrown around a lot by people who aren't at all happy about opposition to their political ideology. I was pleased to see one of my long-time heroes, Christina Hoff Sommers, step into the fray and post this excellent video: http://youtu.be/9MxqSwzFy5w Her video deserves to be forwarded far and wide. Sommers' video went viral and struck a chord with gamers who appreciate her bringing common sense and facts into the discussion. The politically correct set went into a hair-pulling tizzy over her video, attacking her personally and creating laughably desperate auto-tune song responses. But Sommers should regard their freak-out over her video as a sign that she succeeded. Politically correct warriors may have influence and power as a result of institutionalizing their agenda, whether through "cultural studies" academia, media or government entities, but they don't have common sense or the truth. As people like Sommers show, truth and common sense will win out. It is kind of ironic to see, at a Space Quest forum, of all places, so much concern over what might be deemed politically incorrect. Sad commentary on where we're at. P.S.- Someone asked about the picture next to my name. It's someone I learned about through Al Lowe's twitter feed. I thought the guy described on the tombstone sounded awesome, so I decided to use a picture of him: https://twitter.com/allowe/status/275723604199620609
  22. I don't like the idea that some indie developers ought to have been "consulted" first before the announcement. As for Blackthorne and Infamous Quests, I respect their passion and contributions, but they are far from top tier in terms of quality, even just among lower budget indie teams. There are far better, more appropriate teams for ActiVision to work with. I stress again that I respect Infamous Quests and am sure they will continue to improve. Sometimes the adventure gaming community can feel small or cliquish if we visit only certain forums visited by a regular, relatively small group of people, but there are so many more adventure game fans/designers out there whom we don't hear from as much in these places. If we start suggesting that some people should, in part because they familiar from these forums, have "first dibs" or be given special info access, then it starts feeling a little like a form of cronyism. And that wouldn't be thinking of what's best for the games. As for this news, I think it's great!! Finally the door has opened to creating new, official games using the Sierra IP. This is something I, as a longtime Sierra fan, had been waiting for. This could lead to great things. And, yes, it feels good to see that classic logo come alive again.
  23. Haven't been on here in awhile and haven't heard the latest podcast. Need to get caught up. But what I was talking about earlier was how it would be neat if part operated in a manner similar to the "Johnny Magpie" column that appeared at the end of many InterAction magazines, where the author, who was really an insider, played the role of someone trying to get the scoop for his readers. In other words, the podcaster would represent the listeners hoping to learn new information. Of course, I don't know anyone here (who is Gareth? :-) ), who knows what, or who knows whom, so maybe my idea wouldn't work if the people doing the podcast are also working on the game. And thank you to the person earlier who gave more information about the user interface.
  24. Are the remaining 2/3 expected to be finished faster than the first 1/3 was?
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