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  1. "What shall it profit a man if he should gain $539.767 on Kickstarter and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36 Sooo... with the November 30th release looming, can we expect to get our hands on a playable beta build any time soon?
  2. Understandable. Thanks anyway for the info! Best of luck during that final stretch!
  3. I'm kinda mad at myself for not going with the obvious "Eggcelsior!" pun. Anyhoo... @ChrisPope Any chance this will get a PC port? Looks like something I would enjoy more than "Poultroid"
  4. Pewdiepie got his review copy already? Good luck, fellas! SpaceVenture's fate now rests in the capable hands of a shrieking Swedish window licker. Excelsior! :y:
  5. Five Nights At Freddy's... with chickens! Good luck on Pewds (or any other poplar Let's Player) taking the bait! There's just one thing I wanted out of SpaceVenture Just make me laugh once or twice. Elicit the odd chuckle from time to time.That's all I ask. No such luck in the Cluck Yegger minigame. Okay, first of all, how is this a parody instead of a straight up clone? Because it has chickens in it? The FNAF games kind of were parodies themselves, considering their outlandish settings. Also, since this is a by-the-numbers FNAF copy, you'll spend most of your time waiting. This lends itself well to horror, since you're anxiously anticipating your own demise. For comedy, it doesn't work quite as well, since you'll be anxiously waiting for... something funny to happen? The comedy leaves a lot to be desired. I sincerely hope that the finished game will have writing that rises above the level of non-jokes like "Colonel Zanderz". "These guys are basically game industry pioneers and they are talented satirists", says the Steamtard on the Greenlight forum. Wouldn't know it from playing this game. There's a silver lining to all of this: It looks and sounds absolutely bloody amazing! Now slap some non-subpar writing and some enjoyable gameplay on top of that and we'll have something worth playing. edit: Took the Unity asset folders apart to see if I could find something salvageable. Came across a file named Radio_Easter_Egg_Audio1_MC.ogg. Now that one's fucking brilliant! Exactly the kind of stuff I was hoping for from SpaceVenture. Don't hide the good stuff away in easter eggs, they should be in the game proper!
  6. DLC Quest Surprisingly fun - if extremely short - platformer mocking contemporary business practices in the gaming industry. Well worth the 59 cents I paid for it on Humble!
  7. Ahhh, Jedi Knight! The game that taught me the joy of virtual murder! Speaking of virtual murder, I finished Quake. Even 20 years down the road it's excellent stuff. Supreme League Of Patriots, however, isn't... I got this since it was published by Phoenix and I quite liked what they did with Cognition and the Jane Jensen games. Now, I must admit that I nuked it from my HD after a mere 8 minutes. Technically, it's quite nice to look at. But the writing... goddamn, the writing... You click on random shit and you get this MASSIVE block of text. And there's something like 3-4 punchlines in each of those and every single one falls flat at best and makes you feel physically ill at worst. It's soooo unbelievably long-winded and unfunny. One example: The main guy has a poster of Charlton Heston in his bedroom. Click on it and, guess what: random NRA joke! "You're not one of dem NRA gun nuts, are you?!" Topical! And since that joke was so incredibly funny, they have the other character rephrase the exact same joke: "I liked him in "10 Commandments", when he came down the hill and said "From my cold dead hands!"" Like, "Bowling For Columbine" came out how many years ago? Charlton Heston has been dead and buried for how many years now? It's lazy, embarrassing, groan-inducing stuff. Avoid. (Or get it, play it for more than 8 minutes and let me know if this brief assessment is doing a great injustice to the rest of the game) edit: Been googling a bit for reviews, came across this: More proof that the writing in this game is rubbish. This reads like a Fronzel forum post.
  8. Kinda on-topic: I recently got one of dem Chinese bootleg DVDs of T1 in a Beijing supermarket. The thing contains what I presume to be a Mandarin dub that was made for the black market way back when. And it's the most awesome thing I've ever seen/heard! They didn't have access to a clean SFX&music-track, so in many cases the Terminator theme is looped throughout entire scenes. They even added a heavy reverb to the T-800's voice, so that even the thickest peasant knows that this guy is actually a machine. Best of all: It doesn't have the godawful new sound effects that the studio added for the 5.1 mix found on the DVDs and Blu-rays.
  9. Quake The gog version has a little workaround so you can play it with the original Reznor soundtrack. At the risk of sounding like a huge NIN-fanboy (which I haven't been for around 8 years now): With the soundtrack playing in the background, this game has aged remarkably well. I also quite enjoy the level design: The levels are just complex enough to be considered intricate and just small enough to never overstay their welcome. I'm halfway through the game and I'm having a great time so far! Metro 2033 Redux Abandoned after 82 minutes. Godawful Cowadoody clone with STALKER aesthetics. Better play STALKER instead. FEAR Extraction Point Never cared much for the base game (which was basically you running through the same location for 8 hours while the incessant jump scares got awfully stale), but this one was surprisingly fun. There seemed to be some variety to the levels and everything seemed to move along at a much brisker pace. Flatout 2 Probably my new favourite racing game (not quite sure if it beats Super Mario Kart, but it's getting damn close). After having played Flatout 2, playing any other racing game in my library - even those I used to enjoy - feels surprisingly underwhelming and stale.
  10. This is as official a confirmation as we're likely to get for now, since there are probably a bunch of NDAs in place. This is what Andrew Hussie had to say: Still waiting for some games "journalists" to decide to put their precious Doritos at stake and pick up the story. There's also this. Which makes the whole thing even more fishy/plausible.
  11. And I can't even read it because fb is blocked in my current location. :( Oh well, there's still Steam... The thing that gets me a little bit extra mad is that the guy they supposedly ripped off is the mastermind behind those delightful TNG and Alf edits.
  12. I hope everyone here has seen "Invasion Of The Body Snatchers"! Definitely my favourite film starring Nimoy, along with "The Wrath Of Khan".
  13. [pointless trivia] I think I've heard Bill Paxton use that phrase once... Also, a band named Revolting Cocks named one of their albums "Linger Ficken Good", which is obviously the best album title ever [\pointless trivia]
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