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  1. Just as we are coming to grips with the passing of Gary Owens, we’ve lost another pillar of the science fiction community. Leonard Nimoy, age 83, has died. Leonard Nimoy Passes away at age 83
  2. So sad to hear. He seemed to be the consummate professional, king of the craft and all-around nice guy. From Space Ghost, to Blue Falcon, to Laugh-in, to everything else (especially Space Quest) he had a measurable impact on my childhood. I worked in a toy department in a big box store during high school and would sign off on the PA during the crazy Christmas season with a “This is Gary Owens, signing off” when we would close. The parents seemed to get a kick out of it. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has lots of his Space Quest lines seared into his brain. There have been times when I
  3. It might get complicated quickly but a small segment every few podcasts about the "Science of Space Quest" could be interesting. It could be anything as cutting edge as universal translators, feasibility of shrinking machines, to green jello viscosity... Actually this is looking more like Mythbusters: Space Quest Edition Anyone have an image of Drool dressed like Jamie Hyneman?
  4. For your ally is The Sauce? Late Night Menu El Chupacabra Especial - It's goat suckin' good! Munchitos Bowl - What's in it? Whatever we have left over. It's 2:00am, you've lost your right to be picky. Re-heat-a Burrito (or fajita, or whateva) I was trying to think of something loosely tied to the Half Dome, but I got nothin'. Instead: El Capitan - Be the Captain's No. 2! A veritable mountain of nachos. And if it makes sense for Taco Nova to have a product tie-in with Cluck Y'Egger: Cluck Y'Egger Meal: El Pollo Loco con Huevos Grande! - Comes with collectible cup and Egg-flinge
  5. I won't say anything if you won't! I was trying to remember, was there ever a Kobayashi Maru reference in a Space Quest game? The beginning of Space Quest V is similar to Wrath of Khan, but I couldn't remember if there was a more direct reference?
  6. One cryo-cup of Soylent smoothie, 3 tbsp of lye and some red food coloring makes the perfect volcano for your child’s science fair project. Eye protection recommended.
  7. I'm venturing off into bad pun territory here: Tacobayashi Maru - The no-win situation never tasted so good!
  8. Hopefully I am not re-treading over anyone else's entry: [Drinks]: * StarQuake Shakes - Vanilla - Chocolate - Blattfruit Spice Tea Sweet Tea Water Heavy Water Dr. Fizzion Soda [Adult Drink Menu]: Kerona Light Beer Starcore-ita (Pitcher) Jose Quasar Tequila Jose Quasar Tequila StarQuake Shake Dos Ickies - "Stay filthy my friends." [Meals]: * Taco Nova Tacos (hard or soft - we don’t judge) - beef, chicken or veggie - comes with choice of lettuce, pico de gallo, REAL Cheese, and salsa * Indigestion Inception Burrito - Any burrito, wrapped inside a secon
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