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  1. I think Bruce Campbell would be amazing. :) He does that "endearing sarcastic asshole" thing to a tee. And like you said, he's a B movie actor -- in other words, a workaholic and doesn't shy away from productions that aren't done through huge studios, so getting him on board might actually be somewhat feasible.
  2. To me, it seems like it would be one thing to have a great, unique voice actor and wish it was Gary for the iconic/nostalgic factor, and a completely different and much worse thing to wish it was Gary instead of "this guy that they got to sound like Gary". I think it is pretty much the same thing as when an actor has to leave a series 6 seasons in, and instead of retiring or rotating the character, the producers just replace the guy playing him with someone who looks similar and hope everyone copes. It requires a LOT MORE suspension of disbelief and working through discomfort to have a replacement than it does to transition into something new. I honestly think Gary's voice was iconic enough to actually merit such a drastic analogy. He WAS the narrator character. But that's just my own little dumb opinion. lol George "Space Ghost" Lowe is the only close approximate I can think of that would be hilarious without seeming like "some guy mimicking Gary", and I agree with the dude who mentioned Patrick Warburton as well. I think either of them could pull off Two Guys dialogue quite awesomely... Which is honestly the important thing. That being said, I honestly wouldn't mind voices as different or varied as Jon St. John, to Alan Tudyk, to Seth MacFarlane etc (I know you guys aren't asking for voice actor recommendations as there are lots of other factors besides "who would be cool to have". lol. I'm just using their voices as examples). I think anyone with good comedic timing would be fair game/favorable over just a Gary voice clone. :)
  3. Haven't they been sued ENOUGH for one lifetime? Oh, the hughmanitee! I keed, I keed. ;-)
  4. I heard about this shortly after it happened as well, and like everyone else here, I was completely crushed. Gary's voice held such a deep, palpable sense of nostalgia for me, as it did for all the other SQ fans who cared nerdishly deeply about the Wilco universe. I can't help but ponder, though, if it wasn't something more than just his voice being connected to the game that was the magical thing about it for me personally. Honestly, and this sounds cheesy as hell, but I think it is true: the man's voice seems almost to invoke nostalgia in general. It has such a cult classical cultural resonance that the feeling of nostalgia is conjured abstractly and with no underlying memory necessary. In fact, I distinctly remember hearing his voice for the first time in SQ when I was a teenager and feeling nostalgia even then... about the game I was playing for the first time. What I'm trying to say is... well... the man was a paradoxical space-time-wizard-scion-messiah from the future-parallela-past, and the number of those type of folk is limited to 1. So no, replacing him isn't really possibly. Honestly, my personal opinion is that, in light of his passing, the best way to go about it would be not to try to recapture the magic. Rather, to cast the relaunch with the semi-sorta-alternate-wilcoverse-but-not-really-but-sorta with an iconic voice that is of a completely different variety. Let Gary be the omniscient Overvoice of the old timey temporal "feels" sorcery, and get someone with a completely different flavor to which we can make new nostalgic memories instead of trying to recapture the old. Just one humble nerd's opinion. If you open up that door, the possibilities for hilarity are still pretty endless. Heck, I could see enjoying the whole thing being narrated in a more "The Big Lebowski" style, even.
  5. Eeexactly. Haha. Not exactly to topic, but allow me to express how freaking excited I am about there being a restaurant area. The restaurant/cafe/bar scenes have always been my favorite Guys game content. Though only a slight lead over "Roger's Ship" interiors and cockpits.
  6. Taco Nova -- skimping not on the grease. Taco Nova -- A refreshing take on health code violation! Taco Nova -- restroom seating now available! Happy Hiney's Hot Sauce -- side effects may include digestive discomfort, dizziness, PTSD, and mild existential crisis The Crapvalanche - 20 extra spicy chalupas in one loveable bucket. Burrito Bangbang - 8 pounds of beef and cheese served on your choice of festive napkin! Carne El Sombrero- are you down with the meat hat? Rancho De Roulette -- 1 in 6 chance of flavor
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