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  1. I think its important not to find someone who sounds like Gary, but who has a similar effect on the player. We all know Gary Owens was one of a kind. I find it wrong to search for a similar voice and try to talk exactly like him. It won't be the same anyway and probably would leave a bad taste while playing the game. I've been playing quite a lot of games in my career, and there was one time a narrator had a similar funny effect on me. I'm talking about Bruce Campbell, who was the narrator of the Spider-Man 2 videogame back in the days. As many of you may know, Bruce was an actor in every
  2. Here are mine: "The Stomach Bender" "Taste of Tragedy" "Innard Implosion"
  3. What would be interesting, too, is how his typical day looks like. I think this way, the fans can relate to a lot of things. In the past, people always shouted at Marvel editor in chief, Joe Quesada, for not finishing any artwork in time. (he still had some art for a bunch of books to do back then) Then, they made specials on the websites to show people how much he has to do, how much he has to manage. I think that would make sense here. Yeah, and I think the what would he do different if he would do the Kcikstarter all over again subject makes sense, too. I'm really looking forward to
  4. Hey, I finally found some time to stop by. Sorry I was away for the last few weeks - I had a LOT to do here, hopefully I have some more time to stop by and join the discussions on a regular basis in near future. I really dug the stuff they posted at the Backer site.
  5. Gibts auch in deutsch! Auf maniac.de, gamestar.de, gamepro.de, bravenewgaming.de, adventurecorner.de oder elektrospieler.de - such dir eins aus! ;)
  6. Hey Space Quest gamers! In the following, you'll read an interview Michael Ecke and I did with none other than Scott Murphy these days. The purpose of it is to promote the SpaceVenture kickstarter campaign. And as long as you'll link it to tgakick.com and credit Michael and me for doing it, you can take it and post it at any site you want for free. It IS its purpose to promote the campaign, so feel free to use it for that. Please. Thanks guys! Enjoy the interview! AN INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT MURPHY by Michael Ecke and Christian Giegerich It’s been seventeen years since we
  7. No 10.000 bucks bastard backer in sight yet. We can make this!
  8. Wow. I just watched some of the recording. Lots of fun. And so very cool Scott showed up. :D
  9. Guys, is it true that Roger Wilco IS NOT trademarked? Well, then why even care about the license? You could even spin a story out of the fact that Roger isn't in the Space Quest timeline anymore. this is science fiction after all. If Roger is safe and usable in future stories, everythings dandy, isn't it?
  10. Thanks for answering my question, Ken. What I meant was the part at 1:05 of this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHD1uPVkyk0 I thought you guys inserted this section into the opening of SQ4 as a parody to the classic Battlestar series. Nonetheless - I love what you did in Space Quest IV - I really dug the music back in the day. Anytime when I got my hands on a new sound card, the first game I tested it with was Space Quest IV, because the music was so very well done, especially the Opening Credits, the SQ1 bar theme and the Showdown theme. I still get a huge smile on my
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