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  1. Monolith_Pig

    SQ1 VGA: Stop the Hate

    There are two versions bundled with my download. The copy protection refers to the 16 colour version which was also included which I presume is for another mac model with colour graphics. I believe after initial booting of the game you are prompted to re-insert the apple's system disk again. It loads from this disk then prompts you to "Insert Your ORIGINAL Space Quest Disk 1" At this point you hold down the little apple key and type "4givmeKen" then enter INSTEAD of re-inserting the space quest disk. Seeing as these computers didn't have hard drives, maybe the was to make sure you didn't boot the game up with one disk for a room of people... I'm not sure. But the actual cheat itself is funny... I wonder if it was by Scott, or perhaps whoever did the Mac port? (Side-Note: I own the complete SQ collection from GOG, and own physical retail copies of the 1,2 and 4 for PC. I only downloaded this version as a curiosity) .
  2. Monolith_Pig

    SQ1 VGA: Stop the Hate

    EGA version all the way... I actually played it in CGA back in the late 80s. The game booted in monochrome and then you used one of the drop down menus to give it colour...(a generous splashing of magenta and bright yellow). Recently for the first time ever I've started trying out ports of Sierra games. I've just completed Space Quest 1 in monochrome for the Apple Mac 128k through an emulator.... Now there's a combo between the EGA & VGA versions as this one came with mouse control! It actually looks and plays very nicely. As a side note, to bypass copy protection on this one you hold down the cmd key and type "4givmeken" . That made me smile.
  3. Monolith_Pig

    SpaceQuest.Net is BACK!!

    SpaceQuest.net is an old favourite of mine. I can't remember which site I frequented most back in the late 90s at college, either this or the Janitors Broom Closet. Either way it's great to see it return. I think it may be beneficial providing access to the forum again from the main site as it could be mutually beneficial to both parties and promoting SpaceVenture.
  4. This is great to hear. Things have been a bit quiet since the last update in November. Would be great to see some shots of the voice over work taking place when it happens. Good to see familiar user handles like yours still checking in and sharing my anticipation for this
  5. At the ripe old age of 37, it's not too far back for me to remember being sat in my office aged 32 daydreaming about my $125 reward tier. The big box it will come in ("Think SQ4 Size"), The stellar soundtrack from Ken Allen and more intergalactic fun, humour and puzzles from my favourite game designers, The Two Guys From Andromeda. I know that there are at least 10,000 people out there that felt the same back then, and a considerable number like me that still do now. I'm the optimist's optimist, A Mr "glass half full" and "tomorrow's another day" kinda fella. But even I feel a tinge of sadness now every time I play Space Quest. "It's been so long" I despair. "Has everyone else given up except me?" I wonder. So this is a call to arms to my fellow Kickstarter contributors... Let us reignite our commitment to this game! And to Mark, Scott, Chris and the rest of the SpaceVenture team, I know you've put your heart and souls into this game and just want you to know that we won't give up as long as you don't. Let's make this happen!
  6. Monolith_Pig

    Scariest scenes in Sierra games

    This! I hate to admit it, but I stalled on the first part of Space Quest IV and couldn't play the game for a few months because of this. I was young-ish (13) But the manic start to the game and risk of being caught again freaked me out so much. Eventually I resumed and am proud to say I got through the skate-o-rama chase later within 3 attempts
  7. This makes me sad I only discovered this today.
  8. Monolith_Pig

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    Ah yes the proper first box design. I have the second edition with the ship on the front. I literally bought it on ebay for the box and contents as the version is for Atari ST! Space Quest IV was my favourite box design though, especially the slightly protruding artwork on the front. Aside from Space Quest, I recently picked up Willy Beamish again too.
  9. Monolith_Pig

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    Is not too selfish to say I hope I can still get a big SQIV style box with goodies when the game is ready?...I'm all about surrounding myself with an adventure games various goodies when playing one. Also it would look sooo good on the shelf too.
  10. Monolith_Pig

    Cascade Quest announcement

    Looks good! I'm signed up and on-board
  11. Can't wait to play this, the trailer looks great. Also while I've not really done much since helping fund this kickstarter, I decided to put a post on Twitter and also shared it with the Space Quest Facebook group. I'm pleased to say that there has been two upvoters since I posted! If everyone can get on board with this and share to all the sierra/spacequest related groups forums they can think of I'm sure we can get this project onto Steam!
  12. Monolith_Pig

    "We Want a New Space Quest Game" Facebook group

    I've added my request to join the group too (Tom Lee has anyway). Would be great to see the Space Quest name resurrected too... Heck I want a new Jim Walls Police Quest and codename: ICEMAN game while I'm at it!
  13. Monolith_Pig

    My Space Quest 3 intro.

    Nice work! I really liked the 3D render of Roger!
  14. Monolith_Pig

    Space Quest Historian podcast - season 2

    It's taken me a while to get around to listening to these podcasts and I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to the Roland MT 32 version of the Space Quest theme through my head phones while preparing dinner.