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  1. Ah yes the proper first box design. I have the second edition with the ship on the front. I literally bought it on ebay for the box and contents as the version is for Atari ST! Space Quest IV was my favourite box design though, especially the slightly protruding artwork on the front. Aside from Space Quest, I recently picked up Willy Beamish again too.
  2. Is not too selfish to say I hope I can still get a big SQIV style box with goodies when the game is ready?...I'm all about surrounding myself with an adventure games various goodies when playing one. Also it would look sooo good on the shelf too.
  3. Looks good! I'm signed up and on-board :)
  4. Can't wait to play this, the trailer looks great. Also while I've not really done much since helping fund this kickstarter, I decided to put a post on Twitter and also shared it with the Space Quest Facebook group. I'm pleased to say that there has been two upvoters since I posted! If everyone can get on board with this and share to all the sierra/spacequest related groups forums they can think of I'm sure we can get this project onto Steam!
  5. I've added my request to join the group too (Tom Lee has anyway). Would be great to see the Space Quest name resurrected too... Heck I want a new Jim Walls Police Quest and codename: ICEMAN game while I'm at it!
  6. Nice work! I really liked the 3D render of Roger!
  7. It's taken me a while to get around to listening to these podcasts and I'm thoroughly enjoying listening to the Roland MT 32 version of the Space Quest theme through my head phones while preparing dinner.
  8. I can't believe I had no idea about this. I'd been regularly checking the Andromeden Spaceport for Spaceventure news but hadn't been looking anywhere else this year. Of course I had been around during PT's original remarks about Spaceventure and had expressed sadness about the whole affair. I had wondered how Al Lowe could tolerate such behaviour and still be part of Replay. In a way at least I'm glad he and Josh are out of there. However what with the whole conviction of PT and the details surrounding it, the whole thing leaves me very sad for Al and all the Larry fans. I always w
  9. The Larry series holds a place in my heart just as much as the Space Quest series and the Larry 2 remake would have been the most interesting to me as it blew my mind back in '89 when I fired it up on my dual 3.5 drive, CGA Graphics, Olivetti PC1. The opening location of LA with plush pavements illustrated in generous heavy shades of red, boutique stores and TV studios leapfrogged LSL1 in design. I don't care much for the likes of PT now. I do care about Al and Josh my favourite Frontier Pharmacists and I do care about who has the rights to make Larry games. Who has the power to terminate
  10. Sorry chaps I'm quite embarrassed to say I have no idea what I'm doing here! I'm running ubuntu 13.04 and have tried to open up the SpaceVenture executable as a text file where I presume I put the command lines in for screen width & height but that just crashes the editor. Could anyone point me in the right direction as so I can finally play this demo? Do I have to create an executable script or something? Sometime Ubuntu makes me want to cry :(
  11. Aside from things like Space Quest I talk a lot about my cats on Twitter. Follow me! @tomlee80.
  12. Give it a couple more months and I'm sure by then we'll have some more details on the Spaceventure. Maybe even a nice new teaser trailer around Xmas?
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