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  1. I didn't knew he talked trash of Jane Jensen and Corey Cole as well. Judging solely by the article you linked, his life seems like a total trainwreck at the moment. Well, i honestly don't care at all about him, but i'm honestly sorry, as an old Sierra adventures fan, that Al Lowe won't work on LSL ever again. His reaction to the situation was very cool and gentleman-like. He just corrected the false statements made about himself and basically shrugged it off with class.
  2. It looks like Al Lowe's contract with Replay ended and he decided not to renew it: @allowe The interesting part is that he appearently decided to retire due to probable issues with Paul Trowe (what a surprise). Well, i'm sorry about Al Lowe not working anymore on LSL. Paul Trowe shows once again he's probably not the nicest person alive.
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