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  1. Oh, he wasn't that round in Apocalypse :D Anyhow, proceeding
  2. I'm not planning on doing him much fatter. I'm actually basing his features on Marlon Brando, not that I used direct refrences, from Apocalypse Now. Though unlike Brando, I'm giving him much more worn face
  3. Here's a little sneak peak on my little Vohaul project: Modeling is not yet fully done, but I wanted to give it a little sculpting already in order to see how it fares after I really get down to it.
  4. You know, Cary Elwes sprung just into my mind. He did fantastic job in Bard's Tale as a sarcastic, snarky bard. His voice work managed to rise a mediocre action RPG into an enjoyable experience.
  5. Personally I'd choose someone with their own persnality in the voice rather than "sound a like". The problem with people why kinda like sound or try to imitate some one is, that more often than not you'll soon notice that the person isn't doing something that he can naturally do for hours. There's always some ques, words or pharses where the vocie snaps off for a moment. I really liked the guy who did narration for Larry Reloaded. It was at the same time in line with LSL7, but it also was its own thing.
  6. They are really hitting it off the ball park. It really shows that Ferrari is among the best pixel artists out there and the light and shader tricks Ron is implementing are making it all look even nicer.
  7. Hey, that GrafX2 looks pretty neat little app. I started doing digital art with Deluxe paint as well and from time to time get a hankering to use, but I never really have bothered to set it up on Dosbox.
  8. Thanks Johnathon. No, Roger looking like Henriksen is purely co-incedental. I didn't model him anyone in mind, but now that you said it, that must have been why I had the nagging feeling that there's something familiar about his features.
  9. Thanks guys. I thought that "III" gag could have been something the Guy's could have considered using. I actually at first meant it to land in the middle, but then the whole richioting off the word "space" and thumbling on the ground felt like waste of good little gag if I wouldn't have used that.
  10. Some of you might remember that I was tinkering with a 3D version of SQ3 intro a while back. Well here it is now. With a tune borrowed from Alien. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgv9_n_dg9Q&feature=youtu.be Here's some additional renders
  11. The communication from the devs to backers has been always a bit of a blind spot with SpaceVenture. When they had more frequent communication their updates tended to be nothing at all, now with less frequent communication they to tend to show more things, but alas I still couldn't tell WHERE the project is actually going and in WHAT state it really is. In comparision to the brilliant communication in Thimbleweed Park and Ron Gilbert, SpaceVenture is a huge question mark for me. The way Thimbleweed communication goes I have a pretty clear image of what they do, why they do it, in what state t
  12. Sure, but I'd wager Steam stats do give pretty good idea of how well the game is selling. I know LSL:R had a physical release as well, but I think even that was tied to Steam.
  13. While It does madden me that Trowe ain't shelling out what Al is due, I also doubt there's that many bunnies in the row either. It isn't hitting 0 players according to Steamcharts, but it's hardly going through the roof either. http://steamcharts.com/app/231910
  14. That does suck. Personally my own recollection of his acting comes pretty much from Space Quest narrations, but that was enough to make me exited from him returning to narrate SpaceVenture. He had a great voice and a great comedic timing.
  15. Has anyone here been following it? It think it's pretty interesting view on how he designs adventure games. Even if the game would end sucking hard, at least the process of how he will get there will be very interesting to see, if he keeps up the pace he's been posting stuff of the progress of things. http://blog.thimbleweedpark.com/
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