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  1. Hey Space Quest fans! I've been wanting a SQ3 poster forever, I'd like to thank everyone for making this effort to posterize the SQ box art. I just got a print back today, it's an 18x24 canvas print and I dare say the quality is divine! https://twitter.com/...8018433/photo/1 One thing I did before printing was a mild blur filter in photoshop, to soften the printed pixels that were on the box. And here is how it looks on canvas!! Thanks everyone, I can finally have this hanging on my wall. You're all awesome! and thanks to PCJ for tweeting this to my at
  2. I just discovered this in Google Play, you can download a ScummVM emulator, to play all the Lucas Arts games. But there is a plugin for SCI and AGI games, I loaded it up and copied Space Quest 4 to my phone, it runs really well!! I have a flight tonight and most of my time will be spent playing SQ. I don't know if this is old news or not, it's news to me :D!
  3. Thanks everyone, I'm really glad you guys enjoyed it!
  4. Hey everyone, I made an animated short about the Two Guys from Andromeda, it's called "Free Wilco" I tried to make it with the look and feel of Space Quest 3. Check it out, let me know what you think :)
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