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  1. So... yeah, that was kind of anti-climactic, eh? Even though I liked the game, it was a bit under-whelming, ultimately, eh? Bt
  2. I liked it, I really did - but it absolutely felt like a King's Quest in Monkey Island Clothing. Doesn't mean it's a bad game, in fact - it's quite good. But it feels weird as a KQ game to me. That, however, doesn't matter to the modern gaming public, so I'll just go drink my ensure, eat my prunes and pray for a bowel movement, like usual. Bt
  3. Ryan's a bum-paddle. Good lord, I've had to read lengthy PMs and emails from him that are pretty intense. But he's mostly harmless, like Earth. Sierra Gamers is an odd group, for sure. But I know who my friends are in the community - I can't believe people were dismissive of you, Collector, or that they deleted your posts. Just about everyday I wanna send you a gift basket. But I digress. Of course a new SQ isn't going to be VGA P&C. I never expected that. I just wish Activision would have given Mark and Scott the fucking millions they provided TOG with to make an SQ game or
  4. Seriously, give this game a spin. It's like mind candy for your drugs. Or something. I loved it enough to endorse it without being paid anything, and I'm a giant corporate shill, so this should tell you something. Bt
  5. Yeah, like I said - cool art. But not right for Space Quest. Maybe for "The Fantastic Adventures of Troels Pleimert, The Space Dane".... Bt
  6. See, I understood what they were going for in the SQ1VGA remake - it was an homage to EC comics style art - Weird Science (The Comic), Tales from the Crypt, Haunt of Fear. It was pretty well done, but in the end I don't think it was thematically the best choice for "Space Quest". I'd play the hell out of another Sci-Fi game like that. Bt
  7. I grew up watching re-runs of Laugh-In, where he was the announcer, and Space Ghost... that voice just filled my ears as a kid. And then when he was the narrator on Space Quest IV? That was mind blowing at the time. The world has lost an amazing performer and voice. How many voice casters send out notices liked "WANTED: GARY OWEN'S STYLE VOICE OVER". He's his own damn catagory in voice-actring. I will miss him in SpaceVenture, but I know we'll all honor his memory. Let's do a hangout sometime and watch his highlights, heh, eh guys?? Bt
  8. Haha - yeah. While we're at it, let's gte Activision to give us a budget to clean it up and get Gary Owens to record the narrator! Bt
  9. I don't know if this is in the remake off the top of my head. Honestly, I don't even have the source code on my main computer here. I'm grabbing it off an old external hard-drive here and I'll take a look. Bt
  10. This is the internet. Sadly, people are going to debate you on their terms, which usually come from beyond the seventh level of hell - unlimited virtual depravity and doom are fun to touch because there's no "real" consequence to them. People can be a shitchuggingdicklord on the internet, then sign off and still run down to the store and buy a Coke and whistle "Tubthumping" like nothing ever happened because, hey, it's the internet! Which, of course, is a shitty way to behave. Bt
  11. Hahah Troels - I must record more Steve-Bot material. For a potato fueled robot, he sure is chatty. I think your argument for the "lull" in the middle the game is a good one - except, you know, some people kind of LIKE the lull in the middle of the game. I suppose that comes, for me, from the days where playing a game could stretch over weeks and months, not days and hours. Different world. I think the best thing said about Episodic Gaming is that if you're going to do it - start out designing the game that way. Make sure each episode wraps up it's own story, but IS a part of the larg
  12. I am not a fan of episodic gaming at all. As a designer, I would rather cut out large chunks of my design and release a complete game, rather than break it into "episodes". You really test your mettle and creativity by crafting a whole and complete game within (unforseen) boundaries, and any material you cut, well, you can adapt it to the sequel if you're good! Bt
  13. Absolutely you can criticize all you want; you can also expect criticism of you criticism from time to time. There are certainly people with good and helpful criticism out there and some with advice that rivals "duck and cover" from the 50s. Anyone should feel free to say what they feel; just know that there is the absolute possibility that your opinion, critisicm and suggestions may be absolutely, entirely and unequivocally wrong. Bt
  14. Hehe, I say mea culpa a LOT. That's because I mess up a lot - this is what my parents and my wife tell me, hahah. Personally, I liked the swipe functions; I saw it as a new twist in the old adventure game controls - it wasn't done perfectly in the demo, but I liked the idea and concept behind it. I think they've had the time to work with it more, and because they had a LOT (I'm putting it mildly, I think some people acted as if these swipes were actually punches to the face) of feedback, I bet you they've had time to refine the mechanic. I stil think SpaceVenture looks awesome, an
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