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  1. Hi all. The countdown has begun. I've submitted everything to Kickstarter and am awaiting their approval. I wanted to launch on 1/21/13 there were a few delays in getting everything lined up properly. If funded, I will be creating all new recordings of music I created over the course of my game composing career 1989-1996. But to get started, I'd like to share the various links for the project. My blog for this Kickstarter project is at www.kenspace.com My Twitter handle is @mrkenallen The Twitter hashtag for this project is #KSDome The Facebook page is www.facebook.co
  2. Alright guys and gals, I'm going for it. My blog for this Kickstarter project is www.kenspace.com My Twitter handle is @mrkenallen The Twitter hashtag for this project is #KSDome The Facebook page is www.facebook.com/UnderTheHalfdome (shortened to http://goo.gl/ES2Dd for Twitter purposes) And on Google Plus, http://goo.gl/jQe0i
  3. Possible track list. Let me know what you think, or if you have suggestions. 1 - Toccata in G Minor (inspired by the Opening of CB - my first game) 2 - Back to the Sequel (inspired by SQ4 Opening) 3 - I'd Love to Be In Love With You (inspired by Love Theme from Colonel's Bequest) 4- Too Many Ways To Die (inspired the ZZ Top-ish song from SQ) 5 - Keeping Up With Jones (inspired by Jones in the Fast Lane) 6 - Fun and Wacky (theme from Wacky Funsters published by Tsunami) 7 - Computer Generate Poetry (inspired by Jones In The Fast Lane) 8 - Cold Wind Bring Me Home (Beach Theme from Blu
  4. Heard back from Activision. They hinted at the possibility of re-releasing parts the old catalog, so, now the question is, is there interest in an "Inspired By" album that is "close enough"?
  5. There's a common technique in Hollywood of using a virtual orchestra and then adding a small number of live musicians. So I am considering this as an option. Also might have guest musicians from the Sierra fan base perform along with me. Just thinking out loud Music Pal
  6. Allistar Brimble's Kickstarter project got me thinking: http://www.kickstart...the-amiga-works Is there any interest for a freshly produced and updated album of music I created for games? If so, would you fund it on Kickstarter? Just in the feeler stage. I've not yet made a choice. Thanks Ken "Your Music Pal" Allen
  7. Hey All I've been asked to compose the soundtrack for the upcoming film, PWNED, which is being funded on Kickstarter. If you'd like to see this film get made, go here and pledge. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1848546141/pwned-the-ultimate-geek-anthem-film Your Music Pal Ken
  8. Hi Friends Ken "Your Music Pal" Allen here. If you missed it, Ken and Roberta Williams made a surprise appearance in the chat room for the livecast of the Director's Commentary SQ3 playthrough. When the video is posted, it will be here:http://www.twitch.tv/andromedaguys/ ...and more details soon to be posted here: http://www.tqakick.com/ Ken
  9. A pledge of $32k would make it happen... Mr Ward?
  10. Here are a few suggestions. Update your Facebook page or Google+ every time something new is released. Use a Guys From Andromeda wallpaper as your timeline cover, and if you're brave enough, use part of the image featuring the belt buckles for your portrait. Get on your Twitter account, follow the Two Guys, and then re-tweet each update. Log into your YouTube account, Subscribe to the Guys From Andromeda channel, Like each video, create a playlist of all their videos for your channel, and update the playlist every time a new video is released. Go to the iTunes store, subscribe to the Guys Fr
  11. So what if we held a Sierra-con at Yosemite HS?
  12. Hey SQ friends, So I'm setting up a new home studio around Cubase. I would like your recommendations for the best VST libraries out there. My goal is to bring the awesomeness of the SQ4 soundtrack into the 21st century. I already have the Garritan Personal Orchestra as well as LASS and Edriol's Orchestral. Honestly, if this is the this is at best that's out there? Meh. But, you musician working stiffs, you know what's best. What do you recommend? As always, your music pal, Ken Allen
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