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  1. So... seriously though... how does everyone feel on the Judge Judy topic?
  2. The only drink that used to have a social security number.
  3. Yeah.. it is what it is... its OK.. Its run its course.
  4. It would be the first Sierra game made into a movie.
  5. I liked the look and story, but I expected more from the man who made some of the greatest adventure games ever made.
  6. Yup that'd be me. All my posts in the Replay boards are unfortunately gone.
  7. Uses: Reverse the effects of pain relievers Reanimating deceased worms Back alley botox Bleach substitute Bonus Warnings: Should not be consumed by pregnant woman Some consumers may need an eye exam after consumption consumer may notice sentient growths, its best not to engage them in conversation consume on an empty stomach, contact with food may cause minor explosions
  8. Why don't they ask them a hard question like what is the solution to the Hodge conjecture?
  9. Yeah... Josh himself pointed out the article to me... It is ridiculous, First off anyone who has talked to Josh even a little will tell you, the man is really nice, and VERY humble. This kind of aggression is just not his style in my honest, moderately informed opinion.. Its also NO secret that Josh designed reloaded and Al took on less of the responsibilities, I'm pretty sure Al has named Josh as such publicly elsewhere.. This is just someone trying to drum up drama between two very nice men... in fact I have never heard of either one being unprofessional in interviews OR in comment sectio
  10. I stopped watching midway, his overly critical shtick is usually funny. But this wasn't making me laugh.
  11. Oh yeah I know, but honestly I just pay attention to kickstarter when I get an email from an update.
  12. I keep on forgetting what games I backed, and what games I was too financially drained to back. I do know only two projects I backed never reached their goal.
  13. LOL... Have I ever told you guys I love you? Not romantically mind you... but love just the same. .
  14. Yes its true... at least the fact that Paul Trowe looked into getting the rights to make many of the Sierra games... I know for a fact he tried hard to get the rights to make a KQ game with Telltale and then Activision. I would say the likelihood of ANY of that ever happening is pretty slim, even without the recent drama, Activision seems pretty intent on just sitting on most of the titles, but I imagine they are likely looking at all the projects the Sierra vets are working on closely. I think the BIGGEST thing to fear is the success that Telltale has had recently, while I love the old
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