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  1. Most of you who know me personally (i.e. Troels and Frede :P ) know that I went through a pretty rough patch last week. Thereafter, I received a bit of time off work to collect my thoughts. I'm happy to say this bit of introspection and soul-searching has resulted in a bit of surge of creative energy for me. So, I went back and played through Space Quest 6... well, I watched the intro and played through it for a few minutes. Then I started thinking about the intro to the game, and Wilco's Tribunal, and the horrendous amount of plot inconsistencies present. We can chalk most of them up to d
  2. This is the biggest KIckstarter disaster since Facebook buying Oculus Rift.
  3. I do feel like this project is being applied a rather exorbitant level of scrutiny. Most projects remain in development for years. Even for most of the big-budget titles, nobody is ever really aware when a game goes into initial development. For this one, people were there right from the beginning.
  4. I would ally myself more with the latter position than the former. Patience is a virtue. This is nowhere near vaporware territory yet. By the way, nothing is ever worth a triple post.
  5. Oh, to answer your question regarding the Holy Grail reference in Longbow, it's something involving the tapestry, but I don't know what exactly. These four messages are triggered in the room somehow: "Look, it's Camelot." "Oh, let's not go there, it's such a silly place." "Well, it's only a model." "Who said that? You're not even in this tapestry!" -- presumably either Robin Hood or the Abbot?
  6. And just like our other blue amphibian oddity, a line was recorded even though presumably it was not needed. Maybe Roger strains himself when attempting to get into the aircraft, and the narrator comments on this? Who knows? I think we're the ones starting to show our age here. :wacko:
  7. So based on the fact that the trigger for the line was removed in the official release of the game, it seems that blue frogs on the narrator's shoulder did not, in fact, make him happy. I still find it a bit odd that the line was recorded in the studio for the CD version and added to RESOURCE.AUD anyway, but then again, a lot of unused lines were recorded such as the unused smell-taste messages for the Time Pod. At least we have found somewhat of an answer to the whereabouts of the evasive Blue Frog. Hopefully we can find other "missing lines" with the new SCI Companion as well. For in
  8. That I did not know. I initially thought that those titles were removed because they were references to Sierra games (Red Baron and Leisure Suit Larry), and that Ken objected to Sierra lampooning its own titles... Admittedly this theory would not have explained why the King's Quest 48 reference was kept, unless Scott fought tooth-and-nail to keep it in the game.
  9. Okay. I guess that means I can do things that other odd people do and not feel so strange about it. *puts finger up nose*
  10. Am I really odd for being patient and willing to wait however long it takes for this to come out?
  11. Looks like you nailed that first episode. Classic ShadyParadox, and a great way of using the ledge death without simply wandering aimlessly off the ledge. :P
  12. Hiya, ShadyParadox. I'm a huge fan of yours. :) Hope Achenar didn't traumatize you too much in the realMYST LP. :P FYI, there are two "Dang!"s in the RESOURCE.AUD file. One said by the narrator, and another by Roger. The Roger version never appears in the game. And yes indeed, "blue frogs" has tormented us for goodness knows how long. My favorite lines in the game, for the record, are cued from looking at the large red sphere (as mentioned in my signature) in the Super Computer landing bay, also Roger's head in the Time Pod. Make sure you trigger the lesser-known "slide show" easter eg
  13. This quote must be included in SpaceVenture just so we can hear Gary Owens pronounce "oeuvres".
  14. I didn't realize there was an active LucasArts-Sierra feud. I thought we all equally enjoyed adventure games regardless of the developer or publisher. Silly me. :)
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