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  1. I hope some of the outspoken doubters feel ashamed of themselves after that epic update #100
  2. A really positive review from an adventure gamer who did *not* play the original: http://www.adventuregamers.com/articles/view/27478
  3. Originally I was going to wait for the second half of Broken Age too, and I kinda wish I had waited. So I am going to stand firm with Dreamfall. There will probably be new cliffhangers between episodes, might as well wait a little longer on the original one ;)
  4. I'm still going through Broken Sword series for the first time, finishing 4 and then play 5, then we'll see what comes next. You're really going to play Dreamfall episodes as they come out? I'm planning to download the 1st chapter and run it just enough to check it plays ok on my computer then wait for the whole thing.
  5. Mentioned to my fellow adventure gaming family members that GK 20th has been getting favorable reviews from others who played the original (consistent 90-some positive in Steam reviews), and now my sister is lobbying to do a playthrough in wine... maybe I will end up trying it myself after all, remake of classic or no :unsure: You can bet I won't get cranky like some of those AG posters though, coming into this with more reasonable expectations of what a low-budget remake can achieve...
  6. I've not gotten to play either GK20 or Moebius yet (waiting for Linux port of latter), but most things I've read indicate GK20 appeals to a much wider crowd than Moebius. There is a higher percentage of positive reviews on Steam, and the positive ones seem a lot more enthusiastic, recommending it with a lot fewer caveats, and for both Gabriel Knight fans and new players. Metacritic scores agree that GK20 is much better received than Moebius: Pro scores 75 vs 54, user score 7.8 vs 6.2 http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/moebius-empire-rising http://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/gabriel-knight-sins-of-the-fathers-20th-anniversary-edition Having read lots of review now, it is apparent that fears based on the rough state of the beta, i.e. there would be an embarrassing release that ruined chance of GK 4, have not come to pass: Gabe's reputation has not been ruined by a dud, so new Sierra is free to fund GK 4 with a proper budget if they want to. Also I suspect most of the people complaining loudest about the remake are probably people like me who rarely appreciate a remake of something that was already so classic. I'd almost like to ask some of those folks complaining at AG forum to list any examples of a classic remake they enjoyed, especially one where the budget actually went down from the original. "Almost" because it's not worth having to register at a forum just to get involved with such a flamey thread :P Speaking of rebooting classics, I'm still debating with myself whether to watch the new Babylon 5 reboot whenever it comes out, even though it's still the same genius behind it, it's still a remake that has soooo much to live up to...
  7. Was meant as a tease, sorry if it came out too harsh. My real point is the IGN author is a real adventure game fan like us, and could just as easily have sought TGA out rather than the other way around. So I don't consider one article substantial evidence that TGA are courting investors at this time. If a bunch more interviews start coming out now instead of shortly before release, feel free to hand out some I-told-you-so's.
  8. If this interview was part of a conspiracy to get Mr Moneybags into the adventure game market, it might be a pretty widespread conspiracy. Look at all those adventure game articles by the same author listed under "IGN's Year of Adventure" on the second page, hmm...
  9. I'm not all that fond of remakes of things that were great in the first place, so I'm not going to bother cranking up a wine install for this. However Tawmis mentioned downloading the beta, so maybe he will report back some general impressions here (detailed feedback belongs in the backer forum at pinkerton of course)
  10. What's the engine for this project? Might a Linux/SteamOS port be feasible?
  11. When asked about "lessons learned" from Moebius, the first thing Phoenix tech lead said is that they are using mocap for animations in GK20. Early reports from backers who got a glimpse say that the GK walk animations are already looking normal.
  12. Right on, this is going to be a great year for adventure fans thanks to kickstarter. Go AGRM!
  13. You had to pick one of the nastiest projects to be your representative sample... why not pick SpaceVenture as your prototypical crowd-funding project instead? It may be running late (which doesn't make it non-representative at all) but the team is very respectful of its backer community, and has hired key supporters rather than having them volunteer (and then abusing them) If you think of SpaceVenture as a flagship crowdfunded project, then crowdfunding as a whole won't be ruined for you, and someday you may hear of another project that will inspire you to join in. P.S. I don't store credit card info on kickstarter; they let you enter it separately each time if you want
  14. You seem to have overlooked the pixelated graphics feature, which Oliver Franzke mentioned in one of the backer video episodes. I think instructions for turning it on are here: http://www.joystiq.com/2014/01/16/heres-how-you-activate-broken-ages-pixelated-retro-mode/
  15. Anybody else backing The Mandate ? It's a science fiction RPG that looks like it has a lot of potential... Review from GamingOnLinux: Meet The Mandate, an epic RPG space opera which puts you in command of a ship which is both your home as well as home to your crew and their families. Drawing on the sense of community created in TV sci-fi drama Battlestar Galactica, this sandbox RPG is aiming for 40+ hours of single-player gameplay, and up to 100+ hours in total, but also boasts some intriguing co-op play for up to 6 players. Ship-to-ship battles also draw on Battlestar Galactica, with shield rotation, weak points and hull breaches potentially sending crew into space. Beyond that, The Mandate is promising crew battles, fending off boarding parties, and mounting your own raids, at which point the gameplay shifts into a style reminiscent of X-COM or Jagged Alliance. Ships can be updated, crew can gain experience, equipment can scavenged, or won in battle. The game will feature a mix of hand-crafted missions and environments alongside procedurally generated content. Further, in offering modular ship design, many of the ships and stations you'll meet along the way are designs you can mimic yourself. The team behind The Mandate, Perihelion Interactive, appear to have the experience and technical know-how to make this happen, with members recruited from the likes of EA, 2K Games, Ubisoft, and Funcom. They've embarked on a longer-than-usual campaign, at 60 days. This would seem to be because some of their team are still committed to other projects and will therefore not be revealed until the end of the campaign.
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