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  1. The guy in the suit is Alan Tudyk, known for his work in Firefly and iRobot. I chose him mostly based on his acting but also because of vague similarities to SQ5 Roger. Larger chin and more defined features.
  2. The Abrams credit is a little joke I decided to make after I used 2 or 3 lens flares behind the title. Seemed like his kinda' work.
  3. Hi guys. Recently I made a fan poster for a Space Quest movie and I thought I'd share it here :) Prints are also available here: http://www.deviantart.com/print/35674022/
  4. Simply amazing, this fandom sure does have some talented people in it
  5. here is a zipped version of the monolith burger minecraft save file as well as a custom (unfinished) texture pack, based on the one you guys made for Ulence Flats. http://www.mediafire.com/?07qwj16gm4azq66
  6. As a 17 year old young adult, I'll do everything in my power to ensure the everlasting rain of sierra! Do your part for the future, give your kids Space Quest today!
  7. Would you be interested in expanding your SQ recreation team at all? I've been working on Monolith Burger in a single player world of mine, check it out. Please note that construction is anything but complete and the textures are merely place holders at the moment.
  8. Just though I would post my SQ-Minecraft creation, you can find it atop my house in the south.
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