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  1. Sir Procestuous

    'Rare' version of Space Quest 3?

    I remember reading about an early version of Space Quest 3 that had a few differences to future releases, most notably the Mallard's computer displaying 'Lite Speed' instead of 'Light Speed'. Anyone have any additional info on this version? It'd be a cool novelty to add to my collection along with the SQ5 & SQ4 betas.
  2. Sir Procestuous

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    Any chance to continue? If not, it would just be cool to get those recordings out there in some way...I'm sure I sucked lol
  3. Sir Procestuous

    An observation...

    As I was watching Troels' really kickass playthrough of Space Quest 6...something hit me...it's probably been brought up before (possibly by my past counterpart) That, while SQ6 went out of it's way to retcon SQ5, Josh & Scott still kept the whole StarCon motif, so, as much as that game was resented, it was still at least somewhat respected... Also, while not official, IMHO, Incinerations handles the 'Bea Vs. Stellar' issue perfectly! if we never get another official Space Quest game, I'd personally consider the combined stories of Vohaul Strikes Back and Incinerations to be worthy closing chapters to Roger's saga...and who knows...maybe in the ending where he gets the Mallard back...Roger decides to take a weekend retreat on Estros
  4. Sir Procestuous

    Any great fanstories?

    Tawmis had a great series...especially episode 4! But if you crave more... https://www.wiw.org/~jess/fanfic.html
  5. Sir Procestuous

    What's up with SpaceVenture?

    Just as long as the image of The Two Guys posing by Half-Dome is accidentally mirrored Also, make sure you add the SQseries commentaries the guys and space pope did for the kickstarter, as well as Troels' recent playthroughs if he's cool with it...as well as, if it exists an unfinished beta of VSB featuring the existing voice recordings from years ago...just a few suggestions...would make for one kickass Space Quest Blu-ray indeed!
  6. Sir Procestuous

    Your SpaceVenture App store submissions go here!

    I'll work on thumbnail ideas soon, but some ideas that come to mind include: "Most Popular Apps in the Galaxy" App finder "Roger Wilco's Rent a Janitor Emporium (Limited to residents of the Earnon Galaxy Only)" "Dancing with the Andromedans Voting" "Sal's Twinkies Diner" "Back Alley Keycards-for-Internal Organs Scalping, Inc" "Bender's Bending Service"
  7. Personally, I'd vote for someone who has the same spirit and flare for the sarcasm and sass that Mr. Owens specialized in, rather than someone who focuses more on 'sounding exactly like him' Speaking of, while I know I could never stand in league with a legend, will there be a chance at an open audition for the position?
  8. Sir Procestuous

    Anyone interested in t-shirts?

    Awesome shirts my friend! Will have to treat myself to a Christmas gift soon! Didn't you make a few fangames back in 'the day'? I have a few designs for some shirts I was planning on trying to get made but didn't have the resources...if you're interested in joining forces hit me up..I could send them your way!
  9. Sir Procestuous

    Gary Owens is dead

    I still can't believe he's gone! Gary was a large inspiration for me to become the incredibly horrid vocal talent in denial y'all know and subconsiously adore! Him, and my personal friend Mo Sussman, who recently joined Gary at the snarker's club in the sky...look him up sometime...he had stories to tell, and that he found it worthwhile to know me and encourage me to entertain people during a dark time when I lost faith in myself, is one damn cool honor!
  10. Sir Procestuous

    Would anyone be interested...

    Greetings everyone! My roommates and I have been brainstorming ideas on how to inject some 'new life' into our cobweb-ridden youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Movieman1885 If anyone would be interested in helping with video ideas don't hesitate to shoot a line my way!
  11. Sir Procestuous

    Late Last Nite

    Hey, if there's ever a sequel I hope there's room for everyone's favorite Artificial Llama to contribute in some way!
  12. Sir Procestuous

    Hero-U Kickstarter: Take Two

    I hope it works out for them...I'll def pitch in, I can't live happily ever after having never found my tombstone and/or yearbook entry! http://hero-u.com/countdown-to-kickstarter/
  13. Sorry I'm late to the party guys!! - The Graboid - Soylent Smoothie: Baja Blast - The Colon Plunger ** More to come **
  14. Sir Procestuous

    Space Quest Historian Season 3

    One topic I've thought about for 'the lucky corner' or a whole podcast: "Adventure game logic applied to real life scenarios"
  15. Sir Procestuous

    Space Quest Historian podcast - season 2

    Firstly, very glad to hear that kitty is safe and sound my friend! Will the next podcast be addressing hardest puzzles?