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  1. I hope it's not as bad as it sounds. But in other news, I just got back from Chicago. Don't have much planned yet for the weekends in September, so we could book something there.
  2. I will still be in Chicago. And though I believe pcj's claim that they might have internet there, it's a lot less certain whether I'll find enough of it for several hours of video conferencing, plus the time for it. Athough nothing's impossible :D But as said before, if you get enough people, feel free to skip me, it won't be easy scheduling a thing like this with someone who's away for half the summer :P
  3. And I'll be in Chicago in July and the first half of August :D But you can skip me if you get enough people together at the same time.
  4. I vote for the VSB one on Jun 8. You can do the Incinerations one without me, my involvement in its production was minimal. Finding my name in the credits was a big surprise, although a pleasant one :D
  5. Sounds good to me! Let's talk schedule, here's the current state of my upcoming weekends: May 18-19: Busy on Saturday, but can most likely do it on the evening of Sunday. May 25-26: Busy on Saturday, a bit unclear on the Sunday but can probably squeeze it in if needed. Jun 1-2: Unavailable (in Finland) Jun 8-9: Free Jun 15-16: Free Jun 22-23: Free on Saturday
  6. Or we could land in Hawaii and rent some rowing boats.
  7. Fine, if you don't want me to pee in the van, I'll get a bottle or something. Geez.
  8. True. But we may be getting too deep into the details here :P
  9. Certainly faster. But not so sure about 'cheaper' :P The price differences seem to be in the range of 100-300 EUR.
  10. Flights between major airports are said to be cheaper because of the extra competition, so it should be notably cheaper to fly to LA than to Fresno. And from what I've seen so far, it's true.
  11. Hmm, so after that post I thought seriously about this idea for the first time and... you know, this might actually be feasible :D With some basic googling, I found flights in July 2013 (2014 is too far off at this point) from London to LA and back for about 750 EUR, which would be totally okay by me. We could probably knock it down even more by digging deeper. The cheapest days for flying seem to be in the middle of the week, so it might be a good idea to spend a whole week there, arriving around Jul 15-17 and leaving around Jul 22-24. If we have some Sierra fans in CA, each will
  12. There's a town with cobblestone river banks and a hilltop fort emerging to the east of the spawn. I started it some time ago and today Star joined in as well. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free. I'd love to see where people have taken it when I come back later :D It's inspired by Dinant in Belgium and its citadel (photo), but doesn't have to copy it. Also, I removed protection from the chests in the first public storage house near spawn (the one with a nether portal in it) and added a few items.
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