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  1. Nice! Where are you streaming that at? I've started a YouTube channel, though not really SQ-related. I've been thinking more and more about the classics lately and finally remembering my youth with that parser and text commands...
  2. My heavens, it's been a long time since I was here! Is there anyone still frequenting the forums these days? Aftera long hiatus, I happen to have stumbled upon the videos of the Space Quest Historian during my YouTube travels. So I got thinking of the good old times... And I'll be busting out the Space Quest series for another run soon! What's everyone else been up to? Brian
  3. Oh, yes. We had fun for quite a while, and I know you're still active in that group. Real Life finally caught up to me, and I'm not able to break that time frame free anymore to continue the crazy and zany adventures. Le sigh. Oh, and pcj and Spikey, good to see both of you again. :D A lot of old friendships starting up once more. It's a good thing, a very good thing. mjomble formerly known as Justas, yes, my oldest is Hannah, and if it had made it in, I'd have been laughing my head off. Delightedly. And showing her that SQ fans care by putting her name in there. The other tw
  4. Oh, well, yes, I actually found Apple interesting back when they were running the PPC processors. Now they're not much more than a premium hardware boutique to me. Good hardware, yes, but not worth the premium. My only PPC hardware is an IBM RS/6000 machine that I recovered from the scrap heap (at least, it was headed that way). And yes, it runs Linux. :D Welcome and glad to have you here! Brian
  5. Well, might as well jump in here... I'm a PC guy. And by that, I mean "I hate cell phones". If my employer didn't require me to have a cell phone, I wouldn't have one. That said, that eliminates nearly all of the Apple lineup for me. Now, for the irony... I run Linux. Have for over a decade now. Even my company laptop runs Linux, and when I need a Windows app, I run a virtual copy of Windows under it. Note, this makes me very unusual in my segment of my company. Everyone else in my division runs Windows XP or possibly 7. Thus, you'd think I wouldn't be tied to Windows and would
  6. ABBACACA... Okay, I'm ready, let's rumble! Brian
  7. Well, between life, the universe and everything going on therein, I've only just now gotten the chance to jump onto the forums and make my introductory blather. My name is Brian, I'm 36, male, married and have a whopping six children. The first three are named "Roger", "Mark" and "Scott". The three daughters... my wife shot down all the SQ-related names, but one of them I managed a middle name of Bea. I have been out of the computer game playing scene for quite some time, only occasionally managing to fire up some low-thought-process fare once in a blue moon. Most of my gaming is of
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