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  1. Okay, this is actually my issue with SQ6... not the new characters in Starcon. They're all fine (as much as I got to interact with them anyway) The way they're handled. Yes, SQ5 brought in character interaction with the other games hadn't had - notably lacking in SQ4. But... and this is the important but.. you were properly introduced to the entire cast. The player gets introduced to Quirk, Bea, Drool, Flo, WD40 and Cliffy in ways that make perfect sense and we get to know them along with Roger. In SQ6 Roger is sent to the Deep Ship and... erm. Stuff happens. Off screen. He knows who Kiel
  2. I'll go against the flow and vote for SQ6. When I finally played it, I was pretty much unable to accomplish anything without a walkthrough and was constantly being frustrated at apparently unable to meaningfully interact with anything when not solving a puzzle. So I ended up just playing it through windowed with the walkthrough open next to it, which made the game feel like a complete chore. I have to admit not having finished a Space Quest without a walkthrough, but in all the others I made my way some way into the game before needing one...
  3. Okay guys, know double-posting isn't popular but an update with images that are less bad. Scanner now working I've put the not-sucky sketches together into one pic. Hopefully you can work out who's supposed to be who... Furthermore, to see what I'm like at turning sketches into sprites, which I have never done before, I got to work on that long-faced-and-wearing-wrong-uniform Roger, and brushed him up and res'ed him down. Result ISN'T very pleasant because his body looks twisted around (should have spent more time working on his pose) but I think it's presentable when you focus on t
  4. Well... even though I keep getting sicker and called in for more and more shifts at work, I've done some sketches, which I'll scan and try to turn into hi-res sprites over the next couple of days - they're Roger, Bea, Fester Blatz and the Doctor Manhattan-style Vohaul from Space Quest Incinerations. Which, erm, mightn't be in much demand but I'm not sure how to draw vanilla Vohaul. I'll come back to it. Also working on drawing a GUI. Meantime, there are a heap of graphics on my harddrive from a Doctor Who game I never made. They need to be brushed up a bit and re-sized, but they could be
  5. Command and Conquer the First Decade is one of the best things EA ever put out. Best purchase I ever made XD EDIT: Just an update if anyone else was wondering - don't know if he posted elsewhere but Mark Crowe posted on the KS comments section saying that there's a new backer-only website that they've been working on. So that will have been taking up some time I'm sure..
  6. Yeah, that would be a good place to start. I'll set up an open invite on the AGS forums for art contributions soon, on the off chance that anybody has unused art that they're happy to donate and pitch the idea of the backdrops. Before that I'll draw up a list of what elements we'll need for the backdrops. I can contribute a couple of things myself, as I can draw cartoon characters well enough so I can sketch, scan, colour and animate a few aliens and robots in the SQ6-style. I'm also happy to code the template in AGS. Sorry for being quiet for a while but I've been kinda busy with work
  7. Hmm, I dunno, I think he has a bit of heroism in him. Essentially, every time you get a ship you have the freedom then to NOT do the right thing but Wilco doesn't. Most obvious example being that he didn't need to rescue the Two Guys from ScummSoft. Maybe that's why Vohaul is popular with fans? Because he's obsessed with killing Roger it gives the character a clear motivation to actually fight back, as in that case it's simple self-preservation to take him down.
  8. Not at all, man. In fact it's great to get an official word on it. I'm really looking forward to it since so much work has gone into it now. Yeah, that probably is a good idea. There's quite a big number of adventure games I have bought but not played (Book of Unwritten Tales, Gray Matter, New Beginning...) played but not finished (Fate of Atlantis, Machinarium, The Dig, Space Quest 6 *gasp*) and then others I just plain haven't played and don't own (Gabriel Knight, Loom, nearly all the Quests of Glory) I have had a bit of nostalgia though - playing through the MI2 Special Ed
  9. Waiting for the next Living Concept Art, that is. Mark's tweeted about the cool new animations, Scott's said that they're working on it and it's coming soon.... I dunno, I was expecting it to be out by now. I'm half antsy because I want to play it (of course) but half because I think it would seriously help any PayPal donations and get us some of those sweet stretch goals. At the same time I realise the last few days of the campaign were completely nuts so it makes sense for it to be late and I don't want them to rush it if it isn't what they want to release... GAH! YOU ARE TEARIN' ME APA
  10. Well, it'll be something to start another thread about if we take the idea further, and maybe some PMs. There could be some people to recuit on the AGS forums, too. What we'd need to agree on: * General style - comic book or cartoon style * Resolution - 320x200, 640x400, 800x600... * Sprites - how much aliasing? Shading? Detail? Probably worth a bit of discussion as the sprites that VSB ended up using got a fair bit of criticism * Animation - again what style we'd want to use. More detailed animations with more frames would look better but would mak
  11. Scott has said they'll release a demo when they're well into development proper. He didn't go into any detail, though. EDIT: Well, he said it in a context that suggested it would be a stand-alone episode similar to the SQ6 demo, rather than a chunk of the game.
  12. Well, I figured they meant that the plotlines contradicted one another (between Incinerations and SQ4.5) at some stage. I would imagine involving the time travell-y stuff. Though I've been extremely slack - haven't played SQ4.5 AND I'm only just playing through Incinerations now. On another note, am I going crazy or did VSB have a TVTropes page? If so it seems to have been deleted..
  13. Man I loved Commander Keen. I think that's Keen 5 in the icon, though. I'm sure 4 was The Secrets of the Oracle and 5 was Goodbye Galaxy. Also made me realise how hard games used to be because I've gone back and can't play Keen to save myself :( Oh, sorry, I think I got sidetracked. :P
  14. Yeah, somehow over the last four years or so I went from having no problem with ripped graphics to disliking the laziness of them. Which is weird because I STILL rip graphics occasionally, but I use it as a point of reference for how a walkcycle works or how something has been shaded to create a look that I enjoy because I don't know much about graphic design at all. I think the ripped graphics also allow something to be put together quickly and encourages laziness with other steps, like writing and puzzle design from my experience playing these kinds of games. Dedicating a lot of time to
  15. Heh, I'd never seen those trailers before. I was hoping the follow up to "In a world where junk is king..." would be "..who washes the washmen?" since I'm just a slave to stupid jokes..
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