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  1. billybob476

    What are you playing?

    I'm going to be hitting the System Shock Enhanced Edition that GoG released yesterday.
  2. billybob476

    Superfan Hangout Thread

    Next time I'll actually finish the damned game. Had to drop when my wife dropped some large glass thing upstairs. I figured that was my signal to go and help
  3. billybob476

    Superfan Hangout Thread

    I'm glad my stupid joke actually resulted in something! Obviously I'm in.
  4. billybob476

    Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)

    Apparently it's a fake account.
  5. billybob476

    Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)

    I guess the other burning question for all of us here is what does this mean for Space Quest?
  6. billybob476

    Sierra may be coming back (New KQ Game)

    I'm definitely nervous, but cautiously optimistic. I mean, even updated mobile ports of our old favourites would be interesting.
  7. billybob476

    Commercial breaks on the SQHistorian Podcast

    Big thanks for running my ad on the last ep. I wonder if there are fake commercials in any other games you could slide in there.
  8. billybob476

    Space Quest III Amiga soundtrack

    I assume you're looking for more then the 4-minute Amiga intro already on the archive page, right?
  9. Does anyone know if we're still on track to get the official project update today?
  10. billybob476

    Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update

    I must say, I do find it a bit comical that he called us trolls.
  11. billybob476

    Paul Trowe criticism on Kickstarter update

    Yeah, here's a link http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/615568?cursor=4596069#comment-4596068
  12. billybob476

    What are you playing?

    In the very small amount of time I have this week I'm messing about with Star Control 1 & 2 (more 2). I's curse GoG but it makes it sooo much easier to pull content for the podcast!
  13. billybob476

    SpaceVenture's Backers... Where are they hiding?

    I guess this is my issue too, I don't feel like I have one central place to go and see what's going on with the project. I usually end up coming here since I assume that any big news will end up being posted by someone.
  14. billybob476

    Hey Gang - Chris Robert's Star Citizen

    Totally excited about this one. He's trying to do something very, very ambitious. The in-engine stuff they are showing looks great. After a few days they're almost to 50% funding!
  15. billybob476

    Pledge Quest II: Noodle Shop of Horrors has arrived!

    Been out of touch this weekend down in rural Alabama (man the internet there is poop!), Already re-tweeted and I'll give this a big mention in the news section of my podcast this week! Hopefully a few more of my listeners will pitch in.