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  1. Chris Robert's "Star Citizen" http://www.robertssp...m/star-citizen/ Hello gang. Another "crowdfunding" effort, this time by Chris Roberts, the creator of the once-popular Wing Commander and Privateer series. It is not a kickstarter. For those who played games back in the 1980s and 1990s, you know who this guy is or are aware of these games. For those who don't, this guy was a heavyweight designer who worked for the once all-mighty Origin; he was giving multi-million dollar budgets for games back when that was unheard of and delivered great products. He then fell off t
  2. Amazing people. Now we just need to get to that $100,000,000 mark so that they can "realize the full scope of what's brewing in their heads right now". ;)
  3. Chris has posted a transcript of the Ken and Roberta Williams visit here: http://guysfromandromeda.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Ken-and-Robert-Williams-join-the-SQ3-Commentary-_June-3-2012_.pdf Let us spread this around to any Sierra fan hideout! http://guysfromandromeda.com/space-quest-commentaries-guys-andromeda/
  4. s_d: ahahah. Well the good news is that the only box/cover that was destroyed beyond recognition was SQ3. Now, that isn't because I dislike SQ3, it is because that wasn't my box! (original destroyed years and years ago). I was able to salvage the covers of SQ1, SQ2 to the point I could say they are in "good" condition with some work although the boxes themselves are ... ummm... well... the only way to sterilize them would be to completely destroy said box. SQ4 (my favourite game) and SQ5 were undamaged. I have since been able to replace SQ3 and all five covers are now encased in glass
  5. Yeah, I already own digital copies ... several times over ;).
  6. Thanks Ken! dented1640 and I captured their text (and yours as well). We had to copy and paste (furiously) into notepad as things were going bye quite quickly. We swapped files and merged and... well... it was quite a mess. The good news is I was just able to make sense of it all and fired off a squeaky clean version to Chris. So hopefully they can find some use for that.
  7. Excellent job! Those rock. Alas, I've had a screenshot from SQ1 as my cover picture for quite some time (before I heard about this kickstarter)!
  8. I'm not taking it well at all ;). However, we must learn lessons from these events = cheap cardboard boxes...not the best way to store something in the long-term. I was able to save the front cover of the SQ1 box with minimal damage. I will unfortunately have to cut it out from the sides and back but after that (and some sort of disinfectant treatment to kill potential mold) I can probably frame it. Ah well.
  9. 2Guys put out a call for ideas to get folks to up tiers. And because They must be obeyed, here are my stupid ideas: #1. A "director's commentary" version of SpaceVenture (Scott and Mark commenting on the game as players progress through it). Preference would be audio, but you could even just have some pop-up notification and you get access to some text / sketches, etc. as you play through. #2. An "Insider's Edition" whereby there are scheduled opportunities from now to release to ask Mark and Scott (potentially through live streams) about the game development and provide feedback.
  10. Ruined!!! VIOLATED!!! I have to relate a terrible story. With this new SpaceVenture in the works I decided to check up on my ol' Space Quest boxes. A number of years ago, I decided to move them -- and some other items -- into storage. I'm not really a "collector" of anything really, but for some reason I wanted to keep those boxes around but just had no place for them. Well -- *sniff* -- I decided to check up on them last weekend and... it seems a pipe burst... and, like a laser it fired right into my SQ Boxes...DESTROYED NOTHING ELSE! http://www.youtube.com/watc
  11. We are on track to having a fairly broad base of support (around 9,000). If we could give them a reason to up some $15 bucks that is some $135,000. This will probably happen in the last 48-72 hours (in for a penny, in for a pound). I'm personally holding some additional funds in reserve and will commit depending on how things are going the last week.
  12. pcj!!! Thanks so much!!! Exactly what I was talking about. Please share!
  13. Hello Space Quest Fans! I'm very psyched about this project. I was at the SQ marathon chatting with a few SQ fans and I mentioned an idea I had last night (a few beers were involved). Do you guys think that perhaps we should try to leverage the impressive voice talent we have a bit more? My stupid idea was youtube videos featuring the individual voice talent (as cut from the kickstarter videos). e.g. Gary Owens -- the Man with the Golden Voice -- on SpaceVenture! Rob Paulsen - Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs, Raphael the Ninja Turtle -- on SpaceVentu
  14. I actually like Space Quest 5. Not my favourite game in the series but I thought it was a pretty enjoyable game. The only thing that was off was the music. It wasn't bad but it seemed out of character.
  15. Brandon, another Canuck here. I stumbled across your AWESOME song about a year ago. It is on my MP3 Player and it totally rocks.
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