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  1. You got it wrong. Starcon does not know the identity of this entity that dumps toxic waste on planets, so they coined the term "Sludge Bandits" to describe that mysterious entity, which happen to be Quirk. Genetix had a warehouse of useless goop and bribed Quirk to get rid of it. There is no mysterious organization dumping waste on planets, it was Quirk all along. And before you mention it, that brown alien in the intercepted transmission is no bandit, he works for Genetix, try visiting it at the start of the game (the coordinate are always the same.) Or they beamed on their ship and left. Never to be seen again. The Goliath was attacked by the mutated colonists. If you contact Starcon before beaming on Klorox 2, Quirk says he's busy with a shuttle rescue mission, and in the logs on Klorox 2 you discover that the mutants headed for their shuttle when they were done infecting the colony. Quirk is dead. There are no bandits. All mutants got aboard the Goliath and were cured. The only remaining threat is Primordial Soup canisters dumped in space or inhabited planets, awaiting to be discovered. Virus and parasites tend to do that to their host. It means he's dead, until someone use magic to resurrect him, like it stupidly happens all the time in comics, cartoons and video games.
  2. The SubChan death has nothing to do with Colin or SQ7. People grew up and moved on. Many of the regulars who created sites, fan material, or debated the series were gone by 2001, most were gone by 2003. It was closed in 2008 but nobody was talking there for a long time and Space Quest had not been discussed there since the release of SQ0. The SubChan was dead for a long ago it just wasn't properly buried. For your other question, there is no SQ7 demo, if one existed we would have heard about it already and Escape Factory was closed long ago and I don't think they would be allowed to release what they did anyway.
  3. What prevents you from just removing the "7" from the title, create a different website, use different pseudonyms and continue to work on it? How would Activision know that this "new" project is the same as the old one?
  4. The thing is Telltale is not going to make SQ7 and even if they did, it wouldn't tell us what Josh Mandel had in mind for SQ7 when he ended SQ6 with such a cliffhanger ending, so what would be the point? It's your SQ7 we want, not somebody else's. Did you have further negociation with the copyright holder now that it's Activision who's owning the rights to SQ?
  5. Actually, the reason was that if they signed the deal and handed the whole thing to AV, AV could release the game commercially without giving the SQ7.org team a dime, which was unacceptable for them.
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