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Found 13 results

  1. Okay so today is the day! We're ready to release the game library to the public! The game library is an index of crowd funded adventure and RPG games we've come across since KickstartVentures started. We hope this allows you to either discover something new or get updates on a project you may have backed or known about anyway. The listing of games gives you the option to filter via release status and genre as well as searching for a specific game. Each game includes release platforms, screenshots, release dates, trailers and more. You'll be sure to discover something new looking through our database. So check out the link below and let us know what you think. And as always we welcome all feedback, suggestions and more. Like any newly released product, we will intend to improve and enhance it as time goes by and we already have some great ideas in the pipeline. If you think we're missing a game too we have a submit page you can check out to let us know. Hope you find this useful. If you could share this to as many people as you can we would appreciate that a lot. - James (Broomie) http://www.kickstartadventure.com/home/games/
  2. Hey guys, we have this idea for a Kickstarter project that we want to launch at the end of March. We are not quite sure whether or not our concept is comprehensible enough and since some of you guys could be our target audience, we wanted to ask YOU what you think about it. Here’s the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1695371981/1448147363?token=75921367 Thanks in advance for your help. I would appreciate it if you would either contact me via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dizzlike.the.game or directly via Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/profile/1695371981 The team & Anton
  3. If you want to know what's going on in the Kickstarter adventure game scene and are on Facebook and/or Twitter, then you should check out the Kickstart Ventures page. It was set up by Broomie (from Quest for Infamy) and has been providing news about past, present, and future projects. If that's not enough to get you interested, he asked me to help out in keeping everyone up-to-date. Since all of you (the regulars, at least) know that I've been backing most (if not all) of them you'll get all of the latest updates and announcements. https://www.facebook.com/kickstartventuresblog https://twitter.com/KS_Ventures If you're not on Facebook or Twitter, but still want the news, he's getting a blog set up for giving out the same information. I don't have a set date yet, but I'll let everyone know here when I know.
  4. Since SpaceVenture benefited greatly from cross-promotion between Kickstarter projects, and the SQN forum admins have been quite welcoming to fellow adventure game KS projects posting here (Larry, Moebius, Tex Murpy, Quest for Infamy, etc), I think it would be great to at least attempt to keep them together for discussion. Right now, each project has it's own thread, which is probably fine after it funds, but as long as there is a steady flow of Kickstarter adventure games, we may come to a point where the Rocket Bar is littered with these threads rather than the comatose remains of serious ale fiends. To start it off, here's a project I'm excited about, from one of our own SpaceVenture backers, Stacy Davidson (Warbird Games); Jack Houston and the Necronauts: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warbirdgames/jack-houston-and-the-necronauts It's a "fantastic adventures/amazing stories" styled pulp-fiction homage. Think Edgar Rice Burroughs Venus series (definite heavy homage there, actually). He's using AGS and is going to go cross-platform here for sure, if not at launch, which makes my little penguin-heart skip a beat. The backgrounds & sprites are going to be based on real stop-motion animation. This technique is pretty expensive, though, and so the project needs $56K, which I'm a bit worried about him raising. However, he's put together a hell of a pitch video, which is definitely worth a peek, and the reward tiers look fantastic. We've already seen the impossible, twice over, so Warbird's at least got a fighting chance. The second game project "The Big Sheep" is on IndieGoGo, and was retweeted by Scott Murphy today: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/121701 From the pitch page: That about sums it up; I must admit a bit of joy at seeing TSoMI-style night-time locations again, and this project is a real bargain at $3K. The audio quality on the pitch video is so uneven as to make it unwatchable. This is especially unfortunate, considering how much of the pitch video is spent explaining stuff to us. That being said, the team should reach their funding goal without any serious troubles, with 21 days left to raise the remaining $2.2K. Friends, moderators; think one thread is too restrictive? Comments, ideas, other projects?
  5. I....am going to bed. I hashed this out in the shower, and at work, probably subject to change, but here it is for now. All comments welcome. The ballad of 218K - Dedicated to those who never gave up, and everyone else besides. (Think "The Times they are a Changin" by Bob Dylan, mixed with "Scarborough Fair" - the Simon and Garfunkel version) With a dash of the Space Quest 1 theme thrown in for relief. :) 218K is pronounced two-one-eight-K) COME! Gather around and I’ll tell you a tale Of brave Women and Men who all Pledged to prevail Over fantastic odds, and the trolls in their way, As they reached the great slowdown of 218K Space Pope was assembling an army to fear Yes the Two Guys would come, but they were not yet near. The Andromedan cavalry, riding our way In the deafening silence of 218K But the trolls did besiege our poor garrisoned mound Well, the total went up, and the total went down Oh they toyed with emotions and got in our way, In that terrible struggle of 218K Yes, we fought and we bickered, we knew it was bleak Seemed we wouldn’t reach 500K in two weeks. There would be no Space Venture, and nothing to play If we just couldn’t win against 218K But, in that darkest hour, hearts heavy with dread, Our adventure games future, it hung by a thread.. Out of sheer desperation, with no more to say We clawed out of the trenches of 218K Now if we stood a chance, heck, we just couldn’t tell With the cone on our side, though it wasn’t, as well? Oh the Trends, and the Triangle fought us that day As we clashed, worn and weary, with 218K All adventurers rallied to put out the word On the forums, and tweeted (though not like a bird) And then, ever so slowly we pulled from the fray And we gained some momentum through 218K So! With 42 bullets and 5 guns apiece, The Xenon Special Forces, they led our release With the power of Polycheese, and Douglas A, Slowly scaled the great mountain of 218K *tempo slows* As we drew near the crest, there was hope in the air For we knew it would all be downhill beyond there - With one final full-Nelson, pushed over the line... …..And we gazed on green pastures of sweet 219 Friends! This story impassioned, is one of renown - Tell your children to pass-down our tale to their own, Of the Quests that we went through to be here today, And to look back in wonder at 218K. Yes we look back in triumph at 218K. So. Who’s good with an acoustic guitar? :P
  6. Hey guys, I'd love to get your thoughts on our new PayPal stretch goals page before we do an official update. I need you all to have some things in mind first. Before slamming the things we have there, remember that we are trying to achieve more so we can add the new features to SpaceVenture. Rest assured, the game will be made, as we have the funding now, but this page below will show you our stretch goal plans. Scott and Mark themselves decided on what the stretch goals would be. I of course gave my 2 cents from a fan perspective, but in the end, they decided on what they considered to be most valuable and what kind of funding we'd need to implement them. Also, consider the fact that I did try and take out certain reward objects that were meant for Kickstarter only. I did need to leave certain things so that new comers will still be excited to pledge for our cause. These stetch goals will only be available for a limited time of course. Note that we're still cleaning up the text/font/formatting stuff on this page and a new piece of artwork will soon be added as well. And in reading all of that, I'd love you to post your feedback here on this forum thread. Thanks so much everyone for all of the support! I apologize that we've been a bit quiet in the last few days. You're about to start hearing a lot more from me and the Two Guys now that we've got some more of the details worked out. More podcasts/interviews/contests coming up! Ok here we go. The password is "twoguys" The link to get the sneak peak is http://guysfromandro...s-spaceventure/ Thanks again everyone! :) Chris Pope
  7. Hey, guys. Because of a limitation on SQN, I'm going to post these highlights in segments. These links are all time codes in the full 4+ hour Hangout that was attended by notable veterans such as Jess Morrissette, Frederik Olsen, PCJ (whose connection crashed every five minutes), and ... holy shit, Akril shows up at the end! Anyway, here's the first batch of highlights. So, I'll bet you're all really jealous you couldn't make it to the first ever Space Quest Superfan Hangout on Google+ (which took place this Friday). For those of you still blissfully unaware of the glorious mayhem you may have missed, here are a few points of interest: Scott Murphy showed up, unannounced, about an hour into the proceedings, and regaled us all with stories of past conquests and dirty King's Quest secrets. Patrick, a.k.a. PCJ (our fearless web admin), breezed through the two first Space Quest games in under an hour and left us all gasping for air. Samuel Lawson, a.k.a. Dat Engineer, got cut off more times than a traffic warden on his first day of work. Jess Morrissette, proprietor of the first-ever Space Quest fan site, The Virtual Broomcloset, gave up on Space Quest 6 after the first few puzzles and resigned to play "The Fun-Seekers Guide to Eastern Madera County" (an easter egg on the Space Quest Collection CD-ROM). Frederik Olsen, project lead on the fan game Vohaul Strikes Back, joined the Hangout with an impending hangover and took on Space Quest V. What a trooper. Everyone had a blast. And we are definitely going to do this again. If you would like to get in on this fun, please leave a comment on this page and add +Roger Wilco to your Google+ circles. Scott Murphy explains how he added some secret sauce to King's Quest II: http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=bWSlJHMH0cY#t=5735s Jess Morrissette is still stuck on the first puzzle of Space Quest 6, 25 minutes into the proceedings: http-~~-//t.co/yV8rXeP2 This post has been promoted to an article
  8. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/235514 Brilliant move :) I used to think of my pledge in terms of paying for the new game, plus a little extra to support the project. Now I'm thinking of it as retroactively paying for the entire SQ series, from which I've never legally purchased a single game. Pledge UP'D! :D
  9. Prototype #2 is now live! It is recommended that you listen to this audio clip first: [media=]http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/Proto2_Intro.mp3[/media] After playing the prototype, listen to this clip: [media=]http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/Proto2_End.mp3[/media] I've also extracted and made available for other browsers the prototype: http://pcj.bz/sq/sketch2 (They've got a warning message this time for non-Chrome users, appropriately so).
  10. Saw somewhere that the Tex Murphy folks were making up fliers and posters and stuff for gaming stores, comic shops... So I thought I'd make a little thing to throw up in random places. Don't know that it'll do anything, but I'll just enjoy confusing people. If anyone feels like making something more counter-friendly for shops... That might work too. So here's a poster that requires a Monolith Burger decoder ring. Link to a PDF below with 6-per sheet, ideal for sticker paper. Sheet of 6 x 8.5x11 - http://www.aultenavr.../tgakick-6x.pdf .PSD - http://www.aultenavry.com/tgakick.psd
  11. http://vimeo.com/42309304 This post has been promoted to an article
  12. http://guysfromandro...q42-scott-mark/ http-~~-//traffic.libsyn.com/techjives/004-Rahul_Choudhury_Scott_And_Mark.mp3 Rahul Choudhury (Q42) who helped make prototype 1 of the Kickstarter releases discusses HTML5 and what the game plan is on the prototypes. After Rahul, Scott and Mark join in to give some more input as to what is in store! This post has been promoted to an article
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