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  1. I HAVE A SUGGESTION Dwight Schultz - he has his credentials from being part of the original A-team, he was Reg Barclay in Star Trek TNG, so he has his space credentials and he can talk future-sciency - plus he was in Fallout 4, among other games. He's doing an announcer style voice in the new Master of Orion game reboot, video below... I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times, he's a lovely bloke. But his voice has a commanding presence that is capable of authority, mockery and sarcasm as well - I think he would do an amazing homage to Gary Owen without trying to emulate him, I
  2. Hey hey, So far enjoying it (At work, don't tell anyone). Two things have cropped up so far. a) The slider bar on the right of the instructions text box seems to have a "grab" area twice its size, so that I'm dragging the slider even though I clicked underneath the slider bar box. b) minor sound glitches - the game is playing back part of the plot expose at the start of the game, then as the games tries to load the next area the audio glitches out / repeats in a loop until the ship interior is loaded. These are both in windowed mode, and not game breakers or anything, ju
  3. Loving the demo so far. My bugs *) Rooter sometimes doesn't open when you whistle, or at least he's flagged as open but no animation. *) If I change to playing as Rooter in the closet, then walk out of the closet, he simply turns around and walks back in. *) Some of the walking hotspots don't match the direction Ace walks. *) Game crashes when I die at the steam vent. *) Not all the hotspots are showing up as such *) Message Not Found: $Ace_eye_Lab_Door FEATURE REQUEST *) Mousewheel changing of the action icons would be AWESOME Otherwise thus far, I'm loving it.
  4. I think I just nutted out the chords, melody and structure, more or less. :P I wish I could play properly. Maybe I'll lay it out in guitar pro for a giggle. Oh hey it's raining. Must be bed time.
  5. Holy crap, 291 views? Thanks for the compliments all :)
  6. I....am going to bed. I hashed this out in the shower, and at work, probably subject to change, but here it is for now. All comments welcome. The ballad of 218K - Dedicated to those who never gave up, and everyone else besides. (Think "The Times they are a Changin" by Bob Dylan, mixed with "Scarborough Fair" - the Simon and Garfunkel version) With a dash of the Space Quest 1 theme thrown in for relief. :) 218K is pronounced two-one-eight-K) COME! Gather around and I’ll tell you a tale Of brave Women and Men who all Pledged to prevail Over fantastic odds, and the trolls in
  7. S.D. - the colon is missing from the link to the Aging Still Image. Edit: Actually, also from the last one by Jared87
  8. Ah, love that this is being gathered together in one place. I'm working on lyrics to the Ballad of 218K. :P
  9. Fricking' amazing :) now bed time. Good night everyone.
  10. Done what? What on earth are you talking about? What's going on here? Who are you people?
  11. Paul has the benefit of the doubt from me. He re-tweeted my fan comic ( and I can't draw), so until it's proven otherwise he's ok in my books. :)
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