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Two Guys Reunite Video


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Really excellent.. Think (and hope) it goes a long way to address the vague concerns about quality people have had.


And on another note.. As someone who worked in airport security about 10 years ago I'm amazed you got away with that (in these extra-paranoid times). Brilliant.

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Pretty funny stuff! Not groundbreaking by any means, but funny.


Was it me, or did they look a little uncomfortable in the spotlight again?


Scott, especially, comes off as a bit timid when they finally greet each other, after the dream sequences. Which makes me think that this must be actual footage of his arrival in Eugene. Mark's warm welcome and "say hello to the camera!" also come off as genuine. Plus, Scott is wearing glasses, which he wasn't in any of the staged stuff.


That's the sort of touching part of the video, in my opinion. You can see that they're both a bit taken aback by those old bonds suddenly being mended. Online correspondance is one thing, but walking up and greeting one another was the baptism of fire.

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Reminds me, Scott tweeted some awesome behind-the-scenes info to pcj and I yesterday. Thought I'd gather it here.


Yes, it was in Eugene, OR. We got permission for 'most ' of it. We chanced arrest for planking on the belt though. BTW, I planked while the belt wasn't moving. Justin Crowe added the movement. We introduced ourselves to law enforcement & Mgmt & explained what we were doing. With the size of the airport they were able to see what we were doing at all times. We snuck in the planking. We knew for sure I wasn't allowed to plank while the belt was moving. Nothing was said about when it wasn't. :) The personnel there were very professional and nice. We did abuse their kindness the planking. Feel bad abt that.


(pcj: So did you arrive, leave and come back to the airport or did both of you just change clothes? ;))


I arrived at night, 13 hours after I left home. We came back the next morning to shoot. LOTS of strange looks!


(pcj: Dang, must've been some layover - especially considering you gain two hours flying from Alabama to Oregon :o)


Yes, over an hour in Houston and over 2.5 in San Francisco. It was even worse on the way back. Landed at 8:30am.

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