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  1. SO excited that J. J. Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars film. Star Trek, Super 8 and Cloverfield were all awesome. I mean...anything's gonna be better than the prequels though right?!
  2. September 12th...new iPhone...almost here!
  3. Official iTunes Guys From Andromeda podcasts have been updated to now include fourteen podcasts including all the great commentaries and interviews from the kickstarter! REALLY cool stuff. Let's hope it continues to be regularly updated with news and more cool stuff! http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/guys-from-andromeda-podcast/id519822198
  4. Anyone else excited for Taken 2?! P.s. How do I embed a YT video?
  5. Level 33 Demon Hunter on Nightmare difficulty right now. Good but Normal was WAY too easy. The difficulty level Nightmare has is what Normal should have been. I died less than five times in the 28 hours it took me to defeat the game. The final boss was the only one who was remotely difficult to beat. Azmodan was a joke and I didn't even lose one bit of health while fighting him.
  6. Kickstarter Update #52 Hey everyone! We are excited to announce that the official SpaceVenture backers website is going live! Woa slow down there SpaceVenturer, before you get to excited, please be sure to read all of this post carefully. We are adding thousands of user accounts into the website database. All of these accounts have to be put into proper groups so you guys all have access to the digital content goodness you came here for. Some of you will get your log on info sooner than others, please continue to be patient and give us time to get everyone added. Once you've be
  7. So. Prometheus. Wow! What an incredible movie! Did you all like it as much as I did? I thought its only flaw was its character development. I'd liked there to have been some more scenes which delved into the individual characters a bit more, but apart from that I really thought this was an incredible movie. I especially love how it's opened up the Alien franchise so much. It's really broadened the scope of the series and I hope there's more movies to come! And that caesarian scene? Wow. Talk about tension!
  8. Hahaha yes! I was starting to think I was alone here. I shoulda known this might happen before starting the thread though. Truthfully, Windows is really the only serious platform for desktop computer gaming, as a Mac fan I can admit that quite freely. Though one can install Windows ON a Mac. Regardless, never wanted this thread to turn into a Mac vs. PC thread though. It was kinda intended as a place for Space Quest fans who also happened to be Apple fans to come and discuss the company and its latest news and products. Oh well. Worse things happen at sea. Y'all gotta admit though. The new ret
  9. Pretty excited and so proud to be a part of this whole thing.
  10. Chattin' with Scott on twitter. Asked him if SV will have a stand alone demo like Space Quest 6 did. Answer: "Eventually, yes. You have to be well into the development process to make one worth producing. Things change". INNNTERESTING.
  11. WWDC in just under three days! Can't wait. Tim Cook should be introducing a new line of MacBook Pro's, i06, OSX Mountain Lion and possibly a new Mac Pro and MAYBE even the new iPhone. Lots of rumours swirling around right now.
  12. Excellent Kotaku article. Today is really turning out to be a media blitz! http://kotaku.com/5915096/the-falling+out-and-heartwarming-reunion-of-the-guys-who-made-space-quest
  13. Gamasutra article below! Good stuff! Warning: This is not the FULL Gamasutra article that was released on 01/06/2012. To read that please follow this link. It's too long to repost. http://gamasutra.com/view/feature/171021/the_20year_estrangement_of_the_.php ----- How Space Quest's creative duo buried the hatchet after 20 years apart Twenty years ago, game development duo Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, having shipped four games in Sierra On-Line's Space Questseries, parted ways after a falling out. For many graphical adventure game fans, it was a premature ending to a partnership t
  14. New DG article with interview from Scott and Mark. Too long to post. http://gaming.do.co....a_interview.htm
  15. Done. Now a member of Xenon Special Forces.
  16. When the Two Guys kickstarter reaches $300 000. At present it's sitting at $272 937, so my guess is monday of next week.
  17. My pleasure s_d! I won't be able to listen every day though because if they happen at the same time as the one today, I will be working. I feel we do need people to listen and summarise the main points though. So maybe someone else could do this during Chris's next live podcast?
  18. Some news snippets from todays live podcast with Chris Pope Ken Allen MAY be involved with SpaceVenture's music. Chris's response to a question asking about this was "maybe he is, maybe he isn't" Gamasutra article is coming very soon. It had to get pushed back a little bit but it is coming Last twenty-four hours of kickstarter should see a massive increase in funds (as has been the case with other Kickstarters) but the Two Guys are not just banking on that Scott and Mark are soon doing a podcast with commentary on each Space Quest game The Minecraft project is not domi
  19. *loosens collar* hehe...sooo....
  20. Hey guys, So one of the other things I'm interested in heavily, apart from SQ, is a lil old tech company called Apple. You MAY have heard of them. They're the ones that make those fancy devices called iCellphone. Or what it iPhone? iTabs? iPads? Eh I dunno. But seriously haha, I love discussing and speculating about their products and where they are going as a company. I'm just a massive fan of Apple and what they've accomplished since the late 70's, especially regarding the shift they would appear to be spearheading from desktop computing to mobile computing with the iPad. Seeing
  21. LOVING the positive press. So awesome. just the thing we need to lift spirits. Clearly affecting contributions too. Yesterday was the biggest day of the kickstarter since the first three days. $14 765.
  22. TechCrunch Article ------ The Authors of SpaceQuest are Back With Another Adventure If you’re an older gamer, you will remember the holy trinity of Sierra RPGs – King’s Quest, Space Quest, and Police Quest. All three of these games used something called “imagination” and “storytelling” to immerse early gamers in an Ad Lib sound card-induced gaming coma. Now you can re-live those heady days with a new game by the makers of Space Quest, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe (aka “The Two Guys from Andromeda”). Their new game, called SpaceVenture, is a refresh of the old Sierra series a
  23. Great new article from the folks over at Capsule Computers! ------ Space Quest Creators Reunite for New Game Have you heard? An old adventure game developer is using Kickstarter to fund a brand new point-and-click adventure game! Tim who? Double what? No, I’m talking about the Two Guys From Andromeda, creators of the classic Space Quest series of the eighties and nineties. In case you haven’t donated to enough Kickstarter projects lately, Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, the aforementioned Two Guys, have reunited and are asking for $500,000 before Tuesday June 12 to develo
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