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  1. I recently read this interview Al Lowe gave: http://www.stickytrigger.com/products/interview-al-lowe/ and if you scroll down to the comments section we have a comment left by someone who signs his name: Josh Mandel. The comment is: "Ask him this... Ask Al who REALLY did all the work on Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded, because it certainly wasn't him!!" Now this is either really Josh Mandel with a friendly jab at Al Lowe, although it seems unlikely, or, and to my mind the most likely option, that this is really mean old Paul back to his "tricks". If we recall a similar comment left i
  2. Given Paul Trowe's erratic behavior last year I found it highly unlikely we were going to see LSL2 under his supervision. It's unfortunate, but things were going to fall apart sooner or later. If it's definitely true that Josh Mandel left, it's more than certain that we're not gonna see another Leisure Suit Larry adventure game. Maybe in about 10-20 years we'll see somebody else attempt a revival. I wonder how long Al Lowe is going to be a part of this wreck though. I'm not exactly sure if he is aware of Paul's actions from the past few days or of some of his previous outbursts since he proba
  3. I didn't see this mentioned, but I, for example, would like to upgrade to a higher level and I didn't see an option for that.
  4. Have they said how long the paypal option will be open?
  5. I have asked the Two Guys about this a few days ago but haven't received an answer yet so I thought maybe you guys can help me out. I've seen they've set up the paypal option on their website. My question is how long will the paypal option remain open and will it by possible for existing backers to up our pledges to a higher tier? Will all the items be available (the buckazoid for example is emphasised as a Kickstarter incentive. I have the bronze buckazoid so far but I was hoping I could maybe snag that silver buckazoid also after the kickstarter was over)?
  6. I'm enjoying the optimism, however for this to really gain momentum especially in the last days, serious media coverage is needed and so far I haven't seen anything and I'm starting to be a bit pessimistic about the whole thing. Does anyone know when we can expect all the articles and interviews to appear?
  7. Not an Apple user either and don't plan on getting one. It's getting a bit hot in here, isn't it, StellarSoul? :)
  8. If SpaceVenture is successful that can only mean that the IP for Space Quest will be even more expensive. Chances of them getting the IP are close to nil. People shouldn't be getting their hopes up because they'll only be disappointed. The only realistic outcome is that they can get the rights to develop a new game in the series under Activision's control.
  9. It is appealing, but the whole thing could backfire horribly if it was added to the 30$ tier. Double Fine had the exclusive forum+all the programming and design updates at the 15$ level. And they have reopened the 15$ tier on their website to allow the so called slacker backers.
  10. The truth is as much of a fan as I am of the Two Guys, I need an incentive to raise my pledge. I work for my money and I need a reason to give them more. As much as I appreciate them as designers and as much as I would like to see a new game from them, my priorities will always lie with in my personal affairs. For example I love the LSL series to death, but I didn't pledge beyond the 100 tier because I didn't find the rewards interesting. I might have gone to as much as 250$ with the right incentive. I'm at the 150$ level right now for the Two Guys but I might raise my pledge to 250$ if they a
  11. The prototype looks great. Can't wait for the next one and hoping to see that parser in action ;) It's pretty clear by now that people weren't waiting on the sidelines just to see the prototype before pledging. I don't think we have raised more than 1k since it has been released and some have even pulled their pledges. Let's hope those promised interviews and articles deliver the goods and the backers. There's still time to turn this around.
  12. My preferences in orchestral VST: for strings: LASS 2 for brass: I use Orchestral Brass Classic (oldie but goodie), however I tried CineBrass and it sounds amazing (it is the next thing I am buying) for solo brass: the SampleModeling series are as good as the real thing for a more casual brass sound: Mojo Horns is the best for percussion: Elite Orchestral Percussion. True Strike is another alternative for exotic percussion: World Impact for pianos: I prefer the Galaxy Pianos series for harp: CineHarp for woodwinds: I prefer the Westgate series, although Wallander Wivi m
  13. What a wonderful video. Gives me a warm feeling inside. I'm so glad the Two Guys are back.
  14. It's hard to judge since were only about 14-15 hours in the Tex Murphy kickstarter, but compared to SpaceVenture which got 733 backers in 24 hours and almost 50k, it does seem that Tex Murphy will fare better. Psychologically the Tex Murphy campaign managed to invoke more nostalgia from people, me included. I pledged 270$ on the project, compared to the 165$ I pledged on SpaceVenture. It's not that I enjoy Tex Murphy more, I think they're on the same level preference-wise, but somehow the video touched a certain cord emotionally, that I now realize the two guys didn't achieve with their video.
  15. Certainly didn't meant it as a negative thing against Paul, but it would be great if they could direct the backers' attention towards the two guys like Josh Mandel did in the last video with Jane Jensen. It can be a short written update to acknowledge this kickstarter's existence. It could certainly help things now. We're in a bit of a slump unfortunately.
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