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  1. You can catch me as serena.nelson.01 when I'm logged in.
  2. I hated Nemesis. Insurrection I could handle, but I'm not a fan myself. The last really good Trek film was First Contact.
  3. Yeah. I'm so glad to be a backer of that project. I loved the scene they shared.
  4. Sweet. I'll download it and give it a go when I get the chance.
  5. The tales of H.P. Lovecraft are timeless for those who enjoy a good horror story. And with good reason. His stories have inspired generations that have come after him just as Edgar Allan Poe had influenced his writing. Delving into many aspects of what makes a person lose their mind and drawing from their deepest, darkest fears is what brings people back to classics like the Cthulhu Mythos. And the latest game to tackle these themes is The Eldritch Cases: Dagon, an adventure game that sets its sights on one of the most iconic villages ever put to pen by the seminal author.
  6. Okay so today is the day! We're ready to release the game library to the public! The game library is an index of crowd funded adventure and RPG games we've come across since KickstartVentures started. We hope this allows you to either discover something new or get updates on a project you may have backed or known about anyway. The listing of games gives you the option to filter via release status and genre as well as searching for a specific game. Each game includes release platforms, screenshots, release dates, trailers and more. You'll be sure to discover something new looking through
  7. I was seriously surprised by how well Lilly Looking Through and Detective Grimoire were and they got a so little money from their Kickstarters. And I've been testing Quest for Infamy and it's shaping up to be a great game, too. And each of these titles only took in five digits each. It's hard for me to see how much Double Fine got and still had money issues, plus releasing IMHO a mediocre game.
  8. “In 1945 a group of captured soldiers were placed in a POW camp and told they would never escape. Using their specialist skills, these man promptly devised a plan to attempt their most daring breakout yet.” So if you can steal enough supplies, and sneak past the guards, and if you can get over the fence… maybe you’re ready for… The BREAKOUT!
  9. Dystopian and post-apocalyptic titles are pretty commonplace in media in any form, and with good reason. It takes a bleak look at what the future could hold for humanity should it ever stray towards the path of self-destruction. A warning letter to future generations to get their act together, if you will. And to stand out in the crowd you’d need to have some something unique to get people to take notice of it. Dead Syncrhonicity promises the standard trope and more. With a twist unlike any other that’s come before it.
  10. I'd be fine with a split down the middle like Broken Age or Broken Sword (talk about broken games. :P).
  11. You know, the Infocom game is what got me into the books. ;)
  12. I suggest you also look into playing what's been released for Phoenix Online's The Silver Lining series. They try to tie some of the backstory together, including Graham's first encounter with Valanice.
  13. I loved KQ2+, mostly for the expanded content and tieing the franchise together. It gave the Death Gem arc a particular breath of life (so to speak) and made the Count a much more interesting character than just staking the dude in the heart. Same with Neptune's realm.
  14. For that style of game, I'm rather partial towards Gone Home. That one really resonated with me. For obvious reasons.
  15. I grew up on parser games, so of course I'm gonna say that I love 'em. Particularly text adventures. My first games were Zork and King's Quest I EGA. That said, I also love point-and-click games. To me, an adventure game is an adventure game. The interface doesn't matter as long as the story is good.
  16. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing, myself. I may not be on Twitter as much as I'd like, but I've rarely (if ever) seen Mark tweet.
  17. Okay. Here's my two Buckazoids. The article actually started out fine. We all have fond memories of playing Space Quest and other Sierra classics. But, then it quickly degenerated into a complete bash on Scott and Mark and SpaceVenture. What the hell?! Personally, I feel that this a thinly veiled attempt to attack childhood heroes for being less than perfect and only human. The only thing that I agree on is that there's too much of a focus on action games these days. Everything else is pure rubbish.
  18. Basically what MI said above. The closest you're gonna get to a Sierra revival any time soon is the latest crop of games being done independently by former members of the company. CodeMasters loaned the rights to Replay to do a Larry 1 remake and Activision is letting Jane and Phoenix Online work on a GK1 remake, and are waiting to see how these games fare before doing anything with the IPs. At least that's what I got from it all.
  19. For me, SQ1 is certainly in the top 3. It's probably second only to SQ4 on my list. It was the first game I ever bought with my own (allowance) money and I still have the original floppies. The only part I hated was the skimmer sequence.
  20. Personally, I feel that there already IS a "Sierra 2.0" going on right now. If not in name, then certainly in spirit. Between Al and Josh teaming up for LSL:R, Jane and Robert with Moebius and GK20, the Coles with Hero-U, Scott and Mark with SpaceVenture, and even Ken Allen's Under the Half Dome album a lot of the Sierra alums already have returned. Hell, I'd even lump the IQ and Himalaya guys with Quest for Infamy and Mage's Initiation (respectively) in this list. And I actually prefer to see my dev teams spread out instead of under one roof. The Kickstarter regulars know that I've backed
  21. Despite what happened with Larry, I'm still going strong with Kickstarter, even with the breach of security. I still believe it is a viable alternative to developing and publishing games. And, as penguinfan said, they treat their backers with respect and most are willing to talk with fans on a personal level. Several are good friends of mine and they've brought in people to do volunteer work (or even paid work in a number of cases). Case in point (and, yes, some shameless self-promoting here): http://www.adventure-treff.de/artikel/features/gastkolumne.php?id=8&lang=eng
  22. Now comes in extra smooth, extra chunky, and brain matter flavors!
  23. Genuine troll repellant (you know I had to go there :P)
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