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  1. Just bought the Sierra one. Great T-shirts. I want the Genetix one also, but will have to wait a bit first. Please keep us updated on these, DF. :)
  2. (Gary Owens voice) "Wow, it's a genuine Soylent Smoothee machine, with that fresh burst of NENERGY that's all the rage these days. Perfect for those days where you need a pick-me-up, when you feel a little.. less human than normal. You've never figured out why only the hardcore drink these, but because of that, it's handy for putting off people you want to put off. That reminds me, if your obnoxious apartment neighbour sees you drinking one, he might think twice before letting his pet miniature Orat acid spray on your mecha-tulips.. AGAIN."
  3. Yes, but it's not for you to decide, Akril ;) It's in the "ear of the beholder". Plus, haven't I heard your voice somewhere before? On the subject of sexy voices, I tell you who could be on a podcast for me any time, and that'd be Jeysie. I wish she was still around! And Troels- 7 minutes? I had 7 minutes of gags unrelated to the subject material lined up for a joke-style intermission!! literally!! Might have to PM you about this..
  4. So far, just two: 1. Larry Reloaded 2. The Hidden Crystal I think I have about 5 other successful backed projects, though. EDIT: I can't believe I never heard about Chuck's Challenge, Brandon! I spent years playing Chip's :)
  5. The second one is definitely in the game, I believe it's if you fail on the Deltaur.. Oh yeah, a linkie: http://tmd.alienharmony.com/rw/sq1vga/8-9/e.htm Looks like the first one is either a death noone's found yet, or more likely it's carried over from the AGI version and had no place in the remake. Maybe it was just a generic death message, unused?
  6. Well, based on a suggestion, the SQ6 movies ripped to AVI can be found here: http://www.sierramusiccentral.com/archives/assorted/SQ6Movies.zip
  7. Troels, Just to clarify, are you wanting a recording, or just notes or text that you read out?
  8. The VMD's are on the game disc, so no ripping required. I used HooTech's AVI MP4 converter. I'm sure there are free ways to do it, but I'm lazy ;) Actually, I looked for a long time.. I think ffmpeg will let you if you figure out the command line option. Upload can be found here: http://www.sierramusiccentral.com/archives/assorted/SQ6Movies.zip
  9. I like it, of course I like it ;) Just keep 'em coming.
  10. OK, I can definitely make Dec 6 or 11th. :) Will get back to you once I have more concrete stuff going on.
  11. 7th Guest 3 Kickstarter is going now :) http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1559170459/the-7th-guest-3-the-collector
  12. Hey folks, I ripped all of the SQ6 movie files, and converted them to AVI, if anyone wants them let me know. Regards, - Spike
  13. Just to continue this, although a bit OT, Troels, I've been doing some detective work on SQ6 and the music in the game, why there's a lot of unused music in the game's resources, and so on. At some point I'll have something podcast worthy for you if you think that people will have an interest :) (Maybe email or Facebook me about this one.) On topic, I'd love to know where the "flaming Roger" sprite is used, if it is! The Deltaur sure has a lot of death possibilities on it.
  14. Freakin' awesome, BM. Keep up the good work! My request would be either of these from SQ6: 1. Roger stuck in the streets of Polysorbate, using the robot to get out 2. Roger jumping on Stellar as she rescues him from the kidnap apartment
  15. I think SQ4EGA was designed as an EGA game, and Ken told them they needed to update it for VGA.. or something like that. I think there's an EGA version of the Space Quest IV title screen in the game resources, maybe it's the betas.
  16. Coolness! Thanks a bunch Collector. I love Sierra's EGA games and have long bee nwaiting for something like this to surface.
  17. Hey folks, Aside from the excellent site SierraWallpaper.com, and some misc stuff on this website and the Broomcloset, does anyone know if there's any SQ wallpaper out there? I also wanted to ask if anyone had or wanted to Hi-Res-ify the wallpapers included with the SQ6 CD, as they're all set for 640*480 and look bad on my widescreen monitor (nevertheless, I'm using them right now).
  18. Oded, I saw this yesterday and backed. Good luck my friend. Between you and the Coles, this hould be worthy, even if it doesn't look like my kind of game off the bat. This looks like it has a lot of parallels with Bill Cosby's Fat Albert (racism, stereotypes, music, junkyards, poor children, friendship, morals, etc). Would you say that's fair?
  19. Over the years, I've spoken to both Tim Clarke and Chris Stevens. The following is all from memory with no contemporary Googling or emailing, so could be out of date. Tim is a trombonist and jazz musician who's highly regarded. he did own a game music company, SCORE, at one point, but I think that's folded since. I once approached him about SQ5 and he was still into it. I never took advantage of his interest at the time though, unfortunately. Chris Stevens is a Nashville producer, his most famous act is the Christian hiphop (?) sort of act, Toby Mac. He's a successful guy. I've only spoken
  20. Yeah, as far as SQ5 and 6 are concerned, I like Stellar better, although I'm sure SQ7, whether a Sierra one or a Colin Davis/Josho one would have given us a lot to think about regarding that situation. The good thing about Stellar is that she makes sense. She's Roger's superior by the time of SQ6, but Roger had a higher rank than her at one point and she obviously has affection and a good opinion of him, despite his goofy ways. I actually like how Roger is portrayed in SQ6 as well, but I love SQ6, so i'm probably biased. The point is, now that SQ5 and 6 are complete, and no SQ7 ever ha
  21. Only thing about this statement, Collector, is that KQ7 *predates* SQ6. I think what this image really shows us is that SQ6 was in dev for a LONG time and that the art style was originally going to be much more 2D, but due to the long time between the game's start and release, things changed a lot. I kinda think BlockMaster's idea that this would be a KQ7 in-game easter egg is a fun one, though. And certainly not TOTALLY out of the realms of possibility (although I doubt it).
  22. I can even update MI's list and say that Neal Grandstaff composed SQ6, with Dan Kehler being brought in at the last minute to fill some holes ("additional music"). And, Mark Seibert did compose some music in SQ4. I wonder what the piece of music is in the legal reasons room.. I've never seen it myself.
  23. I think I've seen the 59.95 one, and the jello one refers to the Guys after their jello prison. The crate one and the faster one I think are in-game too..
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