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  1. Hey My name is Oded Sharon, i’m the CEO of Adventure Mob. Recently I've been pouring my life into a new game called Bolt Riley that I've worked on since November 2011. It’s a 2D point and click adventure game I designed myself along with legendary game designers Corey and Lori Cole who made Quest for Glory. It tells the story of the greatest Reggae musician that ever lived and deals with many important subjects like dealing with racism, bullying and oppression, it has themes of peace, love, and friendship. Please check it out on Kickstarter: http://bolt-riley.com/ks I would be grateful if you can spare a few buckazoids and send a communication through hyperspace to your fleet members. Thanks! Oded P.s. i'm a HUUUUGE Space quest / Space venture fan. I've been in touch with Scott for years and I've had a lot of help from the one and only SpacePope with my campaign.
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