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Found 1 result

  1. Since SpaceVenture benefited greatly from cross-promotion between Kickstarter projects, and the SQN forum admins have been quite welcoming to fellow adventure game KS projects posting here (Larry, Moebius, Tex Murpy, Quest for Infamy, etc), I think it would be great to at least attempt to keep them together for discussion. Right now, each project has it's own thread, which is probably fine after it funds, but as long as there is a steady flow of Kickstarter adventure games, we may come to a point where the Rocket Bar is littered with these threads rather than the comatose remains of serious ale fiends. To start it off, here's a project I'm excited about, from one of our own SpaceVenture backers, Stacy Davidson (Warbird Games); Jack Houston and the Necronauts: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/warbirdgames/jack-houston-and-the-necronauts It's a "fantastic adventures/amazing stories" styled pulp-fiction homage. Think Edgar Rice Burroughs Venus series (definite heavy homage there, actually). He's using AGS and is going to go cross-platform here for sure, if not at launch, which makes my little penguin-heart skip a beat. The backgrounds & sprites are going to be based on real stop-motion animation. This technique is pretty expensive, though, and so the project needs $56K, which I'm a bit worried about him raising. However, he's put together a hell of a pitch video, which is definitely worth a peek, and the reward tiers look fantastic. We've already seen the impossible, twice over, so Warbird's at least got a fighting chance. The second game project "The Big Sheep" is on IndieGoGo, and was retweeted by Scott Murphy today: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/121701 From the pitch page: That about sums it up; I must admit a bit of joy at seeing TSoMI-style night-time locations again, and this project is a real bargain at $3K. The audio quality on the pitch video is so uneven as to make it unwatchable. This is especially unfortunate, considering how much of the pitch video is spent explaining stuff to us. That being said, the team should reach their funding goal without any serious troubles, with 21 days left to raise the remaining $2.2K. Friends, moderators; think one thread is too restrictive? Comments, ideas, other projects?
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