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SQN only sneak peak at the PayPal stretch goal site

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Thanks for the feedback guys, the negative and the positive is appreciated. I pay attention to it all, and will for sure bring this up with the two guys.



My "two cents"..


Website Layout: I 100% agree with our site design needing some work. Good news there, it's on the way! Even though I did the layout, Mark did the art, and Scott did most of the text dialog, we all have agreed we never intended it to become so cluttered. We all agree, it needs a face lift. :)



PayPal Buttons: I also agree with the international backers PayPal button issue. I'm working something else out there that could really help, but worst case, yes, we'll just add a separate button for each pledge.


Again, thanks for taking the time to give me your input guys, it's all appreciated :)

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Bah, even your vaunted Tex Murphy project removed tiers for PayPal donations. There's something to be said for supporting backers who were in the project from the beginning - giving them something special, as well as necessary production times for those extra-special rewards.

They did? Well, I'll be...


Sorry for my inflammatory wording and excessive use of hyperbole. That's the internet for you.


lighter backgrounds generally inspired more trust & purchases from web consumers

Mental note taken.

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Heh, I did the same with the Guys page tonight ,not looking past about 500.. ;)


I've been saying it for a while, but the campaign has always had too much text and too many options. If we could simplify much, we would have something a lot easier for the public to see and make decisions about


I disagree about the 550K goal though- I like the 'easy' goal to be the translations, as it's really something the Guys would have done anyway but just wanted a placeholder goal which also gives incentive to international folk to pledge more. Smart..


Some of the others- maybe a bit haphazard and too lofty, but it is what it is. That's what they're offering, so let's run with it and see if we can't get 550K or thereabouts. That's my expectation, 600 would be a dream, but let's hit 550 first.

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I would agree on the disagreement on translations. While I assume the little comment about there being no Europeans left who can't speak English was tongue-in-cheek, the fact is that there are a number of people who cannot speak English comfortably enough at a high enough level to fully appreciate the game, even though they would want to back it.


550k is a low goal, and seems to be a decent incentive for a relatively large group of people. Then the higher tiers focus on the even larger groups of people.


I will, however, wholeheartedly agree on the "wordiness" with a caveat. I think the amount of text in the beginning parts of the project pitch (the bits people are going to be arsed to read) was too much, too complicated and too wordy. I wonder how many people either unconvinced or simply didn't read far enough to become convinced. Also, I appreciated the regular updates because I'm a fan - but a LOT of people have commented on how they felt they were being spammed. This is something to learn from in the future, I think.


The caveat - for me, all this works. This doesn't come across as a micro-managed, slick, corporate campaign. It comes across as two incredibly enthusiastic guys (Scott and Mark) being backed by an incredibly enthusiastic fan (Pope) who are really excited to be working together on a new game. The "flaws" are almost its strengths. The almost ADD nature of the whole campaign (if you'll forgive the slightly offensive metaphor) makes it feel more real and more accessible. To me. I can imagine others feel differently.


I think this is a little off-topic. But since I know the Pontiff of Crowemurphyism is reading this thread, I'll stick my two cents in. :)

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