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  1. SpaceVenture will feature an in game App store(parody) that Ace can go to in order to get a couple of different apps that will help him solve certain puzzle elements in the game. We are holding a small contest that everyone can submit ideas/artwork for, and possibly get your contributions added to the game and your name in the credits! Here is a look at our app store as it is right now: You all probably have smartphones or tablets, so you can probably think about some of the things that have made you laugh(or cry) in dealing with those app stores over the years. We would love to use(
  2. Hey everyone, I wanted to put a feeler out there. We've been talking about who we wanted as our narrator for SpaceVenture since the unfortunate fact that the legendary Gary Owen's has passed away. The question I have for you guys is this. How do you feel about us finding a Gary Owens voice match? In other words, this would be an actor that can match Gary Owens as closely as possible. I know no one can truly replace the man with the golden pipes, but there are people out there that can match him pretty closely. So what are your thoughts? Would you guys like a voice match for SpaceVentur
  3. Exciting news. We just went live with Cluck Yegger In Escape From the Planet of the Poultroid on Steam! Early bird special, only $2.99. Please help spread the word. http://store.steampowered.com/app/416800. Also, the next update will contain info about Steam backer keys for $15 and up backers. Please be patient, we're working on it. :)
  4. Hey Bakhtosh, We unfortunately have not gotten as detailed of feedback as you have given, so it's hard to say if other have experienced your same frustrations. I will tell you that most of the feedback we have received has been positive. As you probably know, the game is about trial and error to some extent. Even though it's a mini game, we didn't want to make it super easy. This game is a parody of the wildly successful Five nights at freddy franchise. Oddly enough, that game has no instructions and very little VO help to tell you what to do. It managed to sell thousands of copies though
  5. In response to: Things I still don’t understand: What’s the point of turning on the lights? The foes are moving from room to room without me doing something. If I turn on the lights foes are running into a neighboring room. What’s the advantage if he can still move into my direction? When the chickens are flashed, they retreat to a location that is further away from cluck. Each chicken has a certain path that it takes to get to the cockpit, although I will tell you that after night 5, they start skipping rooms to get to you. You can still keep flashing them to make them go back. An intu
  6. Hey everyone, the camera static issues that were appearing in the Linux build of the game should be fixed. Try downloading a new copy and give that a shot :)
  7. The linux build just got an update last night but we were waiting to announce this mrning ;)
  8. Hey guys, we realized just now that the Turn Off VO button is currently broken. This is due to a last minute change we made. We'll have an update out as soon as possible that will fix this. UPDATE: This is currently fixed in the Linux build.
  9. Hey everyone! We just got Cluck Yegger in Escape From The Planet of the Poultroid published up on Steam Greenlight. We would absolutely love it if you guys would vote yes to have the game greenlit. Any help spreading the word would be amazing as well. Visit: http://cluckyegger.com Thanks!
  10. May 6th SpaceVenture Update: Cluck Yegger, Andromedcon, Taco Nova, Veronica7, Scrapyard landing https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/two-guys-spaceventure-by-the-creators-of-space-que/posts/1223285
  11. There is a SpaceVenture update planned for early May just as a heads up :)
  12. Hey everyone! Your friendly neighborhood SpacePope here. We hope everyone is excited about the latest SpaceVenture update (Click here to view). Not that the Two Guys are out of hilarious ideas, but we thought it would be fun to get the community involved on this. We'd like your ideas for funny content for Taco Nova. In fact, if your ideas are good, we might even steal appropriate them for use in SpaceVenture! So here is what we are looking for: Meal names Combo names Beverage Names Advertisement Slogans You can submit them here by replying to this thread. Thanks so much everyone!
  13. @PurpleTentacle thanks for the feedback. The positive and negative comments are both appreciated. Trust me when I say, I know my grammar isn't the best. I do want you to know that what is posted on the updates are all items that are agreed upon before hand. I do not post anything that Mark and Scott aren't aware of. That is part of the reason why things are a bit vague, the three of us must come to terms with what is allowed to go public. I am the one doing the updates because I'm working pretty closely with almost everyone on the team, more so than anyone else. Part of my job is keeping track
  14. Hey everyone! We'd love for you to help us come up with 101 uses for a frosty cup of Soylent Smoothee! Some of the best lines might just get mentioned in SpaceVenture itself ;)
  15. When? 11/1/12 at 4pm Pacific Time / 7pm Eastern Time (Check your time here) Where? http://justin.tv/andromedaguys
  16. Let me just say, anytime I get to spend time talking with Troels is a pleasure! Of course I'd do this :P
  17. Pledge Quest 2 was amazing guys! Great job making it fun to play with so much humor. The artwork and music was awesome as well!*SPOILER ALERT* Of course I gotta admit, I got some chills watching the Two Guys plan SQ1 in the game!! Again, really good work! :) -Chris Pope
  18. Selected two people for this task: Warren Pylypchuk Rowan McFarland Thanks everyone who submitted videos for this! Again, I know how time consuming this was for all of you! I promise to consider all of you for possible future work as they come up!
  19. Hello SpaceVenture/SpaceQuest fans! Chris Pope here, Guys From Andromeda LLC is hiring for both a paid full time position and intern position (royalty based) for the below position. Requirements: Proven ability to model, rig and and animate low-poly character models in Blender, 3Ds* (or any modeling tool that exports to 3Ds) based on provided 3 view sketches. * must own 3Ds Texture creation in Photoshop* is a big plus * must own Photoshop Available 10 - 15(for intern position) 40+ hrs per week min for full time. Love classic point and click adventure games. Benefits: Work with Scott and M
  20. Hey everyone! Was a bit tied up with Dragon*con for the last few days, but now that I'm back I'll be selecting someone to help with this. Thanks so much to those that submitted videos! I know this took time out of your schedules, and for that, I'll be keeping the list of names of people that submitted for this for possible future work! :)
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