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  1. The Greenlight page shows that it's been greenlit: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538890923 Congratulations!
  2. Besides Steam and GOG, the Humble Store may be a good place to sell it, since a purchase there can give people both the DRM-free version and a Steam key (when Greenlit).
  3. Some nitpicks: $25, $30, $60 tiers are missing from their description: "This tier includes all previous rewards." $500 tier: "Nte" should be "Note" Also, I think the tiers would benefit from having some additional descriptive text. Something like: $550k = German, French, Spanish translation of game text Play SpaceVenture in your native language (if your native language is German, French, or Spanish)! $600k= Cluck Y’egger retro-sci-fi mini-adventure An additional mini-adventure game launched from the game menu. $625k = Cluck Y’egger animated graphic novel. Tells the story of Cluck’s
  4. Last night, during the wrap party, they mentioned that they're keeping the Paypal option open for a while longer. They listed some stretch goals for the additional funds: 550k - Translations (German, French, and I think Spanish, with Portuguese a possibility) 600k - Cluck Y'egger mini game (launched from the game menu) 625k - Cluck Y'egger animated graphic novel drawn by Mark Crowe. 650k - An additional level in the game featuring a playable female protagonist. 700k - EGA graphics mode They didn't mention a specific deadline for paypal pledges or the stretch goals. Hoewver, a nu
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