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  1. The Greenlight page shows that it's been greenlit: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538890923 Congratulations!
  2. Besides Steam and GOG, the Humble Store may be a good place to sell it, since a purchase there can give people both the DRM-free version and a Steam key (when Greenlit).
  3. Some nitpicks: $25, $30, $60 tiers are missing from their description: "This tier includes all previous rewards." $500 tier: "Nte" should be "Note" Also, I think the tiers would benefit from having some additional descriptive text. Something like: $550k = German, French, Spanish translation of game text Play SpaceVenture in your native language (if your native language is German, French, or Spanish)! $600k= Cluck Y’egger retro-sci-fi mini-adventure An additional mini-adventure game launched from the game menu. $625k = Cluck Y’egger animated graphic novel. Tells the story of Cluck’s origin, drawn by Mark Crowe! $650k = Playable female protagonist for a portion of the game An additional level of the game where you play as a female protagonist. $675k = Pixar-Quality 3D Characters and animation (Something about how much of an improvement these graphics will be) $700k = Retro EGA graphics mode (ala Space Quest 3) Allows you to toggle between graphics modes.
  4. Last night, during the wrap party, they mentioned that they're keeping the Paypal option open for a while longer. They listed some stretch goals for the additional funds: 550k - Translations (German, French, and I think Spanish, with Portuguese a possibility) 600k - Cluck Y'egger mini game (launched from the game menu) 625k - Cluck Y'egger animated graphic novel drawn by Mark Crowe. 650k - An additional level in the game featuring a playable female protagonist. 700k - EGA graphics mode They didn't mention a specific deadline for paypal pledges or the stretch goals. Hoewver, a number of these can be added pretty late into the development, so I wouldn't expect them to cut Paypal funding until they need to lock down the game and finish it for release. For Paypal pledges, now that the Kickstarter is over, those pledging will not receive any Kickstarter exclusive items like the Buckazoids. I think those paypal pledges that came in before the Kickstarter ended should get them though. In addition, they're planning to open up a store for selling SpaceVenture merchandise. They previewed a Cluck Y'egger pilot wings pin that will be available. They also talked about the possibility of another Buckazoid coin with a different design from the Kickstarter exclusive. Purchases from the store will go towards the stretch goals. Keep in mind that this is mostly from memory of what was said, and the Two Guys were pretty blitzed last night as well. So all this is subject to corrections or changes when they post the official announcements.
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