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  1. So my intuition how the light should work and about a basic strategy was right. Just my observations were wrong and for that reason the strategy probably failed. It think my observations failed because I wasn’t able to track the foes correctly for the following reasons: If you have bad luck a moving camera doesn’t complete it’s movement during a complete turn so that it’s possible that even with night vision on you didn’t see a present foe In case of a short circuit you can’t observe cameras at least for one turn (often two if you deactivate the shield or open a door again) Knowing that
  2. Thanks for your answers. :) With your input I was able to beat the game. I raised the brightness setting of my monitor and afterwards using the camera with light & night vision turned off I am able to see foes at certain positions while I can’t see them at other positions and can’t see puddles foes left this way. That makes a lot of sense. I suggest to raise the default gamma/brightness/contrast for the camera with light & night vision off a bit. With the shield it seems you were slightly wrong. I had to use it to block the first cockpit window attack at the end of night 3. The
  3. I'd like to give some feedback on the gameplay and the fun aspect of Cluck Yegger. It's not meant to be objective. It’s just how it feels to me. I'd like to add that I generally don’t really like action, tactical or strategy games. At least unless there is a clear path to deduce a solution, the gameplay is very rewarding or the story drags me into. So from time to time I play and beat games from these genres (e.g. Lemmings, Wing Commander, Tomb Raider). So feel free to simply discard my opinion/impression as comments from someone who was never target group of the game, since it's supposed to
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