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  1. Last post May 2015 ... Any news? (please)
  2. Finn-R

    Want to play SpaceQuest

    Thanks for all the replies, and help. I've bought all the SQ through GOG and take it from there.
  3. Finn-R

    Want to play SpaceQuest

    Thanks Troels... I've send you a PM. Cheers
  4. Let me see if I can put this right without confusing matters more than absolutely necessary. Is there anywhere I can find the released SpaceQuest games? I'm talking about the originals, and all the Fanart games that has been made. Wouldn't it be great to have the whole collection? Secondly. Is there a program, other than Dosbox, I can use that will allow me to run the old SpaceQuest games on my Windows 10 computer?