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  1. @pointandgifadv I always imagined the mints the shopkeeper has tastes like Altoids. 🤔

  2. @PushinUpRoses I bought this at the shareware section of Waldenbooks, I think.

  3. @AndrewRudick roughly 13 and a half %??

  4. @decafjedi oh ok. Sorry for the confusion. I remember your site.

  5. @panerabread https://t.co/w6HM3xhRQP

  6. RT @BreitbarkNews: @JoeMande OTIS STATEMENT: "We worked together on a movie. Our relationship didn't go past that. I don't know him. I do…

  7. The "Trump " Administration" is really BAD at so-called JEDI MIND TRICKS. Cc: Stephen Miller; Sean Spicer

  8. @Bunny_Sun_Shine that looks like "Chris (Simpsons Artist)" 's work.

  9. @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/CTE4J8GFLy

  10. @EBrall @jaketapper https://t.co/5RDZR47hsr

  11. @manndaraee obviously, poor planning on your part. If you're going to oversleep, put some work into it.

  12. @AlabedBana @jk_rowling @realDonaldTrump Trump has never not had anything he's ever wanted for 24 minutes.

  13. Someone posted this in response to a Trump singles ad. Absolutely perfect. https://t.co/FsmH64Hs2z

  14. @pattonoswalt transition easily from lawyer to standup comedian.