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  1. @nachosarah He said put the right emoji next to it. . . ➡️

  2. @GaldaLou Cats are the best! https://t.co/1uXcIkXXMr

  3. RT @Heywood_Banks: Feel free to reetwee! https://t.co/Z9CIF4sxYv

  4. @stefania_model No contest. The "colour" version. https://t.co/70QwE2yN5D

  5. @ImDanaDeLorenzo Warching... currently.

  6. Jack Nicholson's name in The Shining might as well have been LOGAN.

  7. @mrdavehill History lesson: https://t.co/aSO81FET94

  8. @DinaMeyer @mrdavehill @JohnMayer No. That's not what he's doing you Christ forsaken liar.

  9. @REALpunknews DRI shared this on Facebook. Yay!

  10. @ChrisCopeComedy One thing they don't prepare you for in school is how expensive candles are going to be. You just… https://t.co/yCATwqqcvU

  11. @Wickedlydeeper @LMoviechick87 Eh... I dunno. You know those guys or just a fan? They're hilarious.

  12. @ianrussocomedy Hmm... that might cut into their profit margins a BIT... and their street cred.

  13. @DAVID_LYNCH @LynchFoundation @meditationbob I wish there was a feature to have all of David Lynch's tweets read as… https://t.co/54Jy7YUGRY

  14. @riddimboy @LibyaLiberty https://t.co/zrvdQDyXVh

  15. @ALEXANJK @MadBastard_v2 @CobwebsandAshes @MegMcA @Manglewood @pattonoswalt @realDonaldTrump https://t.co/q4uuwaZxJR