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  1. RT @tvaddonsco: Some people said it was the end, we say it's just the beginning! https://t.co/BDe2PzBBxq #Kodi

  2. #TheFallUnbound launches today, from @overthemoongms! Do anything. Use anyone. Become Unbound. The Fall Part 2 will… https://t.co/ux4870EOLZ

  3. @choochoobear Wise decision, babies are so precious:-)

  4. @SteveDaines, why haven't you promised to vote for the CRA to overrule the FCC and save our #NetNeutrality rules? T… https://t.co/dsODqxDs6W

  5. Check out the world's most powerful USB-C cable capable of fast charge & superspeed data for Macbook & USB-C phones… https://t.co/VgBSzb8xkb

  6. President Trump and Congress: Demand that Trump and Congress keep the Exemption Deduction for middle ... https://t.co/4oznz1NI7s via @Change

  7. @StDxCattyNoir Alienware has some nice setups

  8. I just earned a free play by playing #StarbucksSummerGame #sweeps https://t.co/v3DvGCHL9V

  9. @StDxCattyNoir Hooray! Great work!

  10. @StDxCattyNoir @SetToDestroyX @StDxLe3Loo @StDxFitz Congratulations!

  11. Do you like MOVIES? What about TV SHOWS? What about FREE #MOVIES and #TV SHOWS? What you need is KODI @TVADDONS https://t.co/dKPXz7Ibtz

  12. Mythica 5 available on DVD at Walmart. https://t.co/AtmV8QlpBw

  13. Are you looking to: protect your privacy online/watch American Netflix/access blocked streaming sites? Use a VPN: https://t.co/iVLOiUT8JO

  14. Surprised to be the 183rd funder on @BackerKit for System Shock | Thx @SystemShockGame! https://t.co/FPizHgOScX

  15. @GateKeeperGamin McMinnville, OR