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  1. Yep, I've been in there, and I can't find a single thing to do. I can get Ace to walk up to some crates on shelves, but he doesn't do anything with them. I wasted easily 20 minutes in that room alone with the hand tool, eye tool, and roto rooter.
  2. I've made it past the main door, pushed around crates (which really should have larger areas of click detection in my opinion), got the keycard, got into the janitor room (which doesn't allow me to interact with anything), and I've pushed the cart to reveal a vent with a key hole of sorts. Beyond that, I can't find anything else to do, and my fingers now hurt from clicking and click dragging so much. Is this pretty much the end of the demo? I've literally spent over 30 minutes trying to figure out what to do next, and I'm completely stumped. I've tried using the roto rooter tool as well, b
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