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  1. Bump. I actually completed and uploaded Part 1 of this series to YouTube a month ago, but haven't had much time to work on it since because I've been transitioning between departments at my job and thus have been working more hours than usual. So when I get home I find myself just wanting to turn my brain off instead of tapping into my creative abilities (transition will be complete next week). Anyway, you can view that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE7a35aHJkg I don't get very far in the game (read: nowhere) because there's a lot of administrative stuff to get out the wa
  2. Hey, cool to see I'm not totally anonymous around here. I enjoyed making those videos, but I'm ready to move on from the Myst series. Thanks for the clarification, and for the red sphere line, I'll be sure not to miss it. Ooh yeah that's a good one, it appears almost nobody is aware of it. Had I not found it on Sierra Chest just a couple hours before your post, my mind would've been blown as well. :P It's probably going to be somewhere in between those two. I definitely want to scout ahead and have a plan for each video going in, if nothing more than to avoid getting
  3. Thanks guys, you're giving me plenty to work with. I was aware of the Legal Reasons room (which I'm sure you know was reinstated in 1.2), but I've got some questions about some of the others... I'm curious about this, if you still have the instructions in your head or elsewhere. Seems like a good way to look around the place. This is mainly due to the 256- vs. 230-color scheme, correct? The only screen I'm sure was affected by this was the first screen on Xenon, where the computer in the background is red in the floppy version but had to be sorta orangeish in the CD version,
  4. Thanks! That'll keep me busy for sure. Still open to any random personal favorites people have by the way, even if it's just "be sure to lick the cigar the burger manager is holding." That's what I would say if I were on the other end of this conversation.
  5. Greetings, people of the Forum. I'm essentially new to the place, even though I technically registered like two and half years ago. Anyway, I'm creating a Let's Play video series of Space Quest IV (the 1.2 version), but I'm not here just to advertise it because I haven't posted anything yet. Actually, I'm starting this thread as kind of an open-ended question to the SQ community. To set it up, I'll first say that my style is a bit unusual. Instead of whipping through a bunch of games spontaneously, I pick a very select few I particularly enjoy and create fairly comprehensive presentati
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