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  1. Dang! Oh well, any news about spaceventure is good news!
  2. ok cool. So it seems like no news then :). As long as I haven't missed out I'm happy! Would be good to know if they have some timeframes for it. - Although, I did just see a two guys facebook post saying to expect something in the next couple of days! Exciting!
  3. I've just got a quick question about the rewards for the Kickstarter campaign. - Sorry if the answer to this is obviously written elsewhere (Which it must be as I can't find anyone asking similar questions!) but I can't seem to find it. When will the different reward tiers start rolling out? I'm not too bothered about when I get the extra cool stuff, but I was curious as I haven't heard anything. I'm getting the GOG credit, autographed art print and also involved in an easter-egg. I'm guessing that most of them will be once the game is complete? - So it just means another thing to look
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